Hey Y’all,

Thanks again for all the prayers. I know I start out most of my updates like that but that is EXACTLY why so many great things are happening — answers to your faithful prayers!!

I’m feeling like I’m about back to “normal” again — if I have such a state??!! It is very hectic when there are groups here, but I love having the fellowship (in English) and am so grateful for all the groups contribute to the ministry. The kids are more settled though when it is just us and we are back on a schedule again. They are so cute and full of life and fun every day. I think that I am seeing an improvement in Eidy too, so please keep praying for her. She just has to have a lot of extra attention and does so much better when I take the time to hold her a little longer than the usual each day. Cokie and Jonathan are such buddies. Jonathan is talking a lot not and Cokie is teaching him new words all the time. She tells him to “say ___” and he repeats the word. She is so funny and always in CHARGE!! Eduard needs prayer – he is struggling some in school and I don’t usually know unless the teacher wants to talk. He studies every afternoon and is doing better than he was in Jocon but needs to be drilled on his multiplication and division. All the others are doing great and getting along so well. Thanks for praying for them individually. That is making the difference.

Well, it is time to pray HARD again — we have word that the container from Houston will be in port a week from today (the 23rd) and ready to be processed out of there on the 24th. This can be a VERY difficult process if God does not clear the way for us so we need everyone to pray that the process will go smoothly and quickly. The container is loaded with the materials for the electricity as well as many other household goods for the second house. We need to receive the container and get it to Destino and then will call the group in Houston immediately once it is here and they will book tickets to fly down the next week and put in the electricity. I am so thankful to have such a big prayer team to be praying with us for a miracle getting this smoothly through the port!! Thanks so much to every one of you. I can’t remember if I told you in the last update but it looks as if we may get a telephone line run on the same poles when they bring in the electricity to us. That will be a HUGE help to me as I now have to go into town several times a week to send and receive email. This will save us a lot of money in gas and a lot of time for me — please pray that it will go smoothly as well. God is so good to me and is abundant in all His blessings continually to Destino del Reino. I am so blessed to be part of all he is doing here.

Another BIG prayer request is for me to get my residency (not citizenship) in Honduras. They just changed the law and now I will have to leave every THREE months instead of every six if I don’t get my residency. We have contacted an attorney in Tegucigalpa. I have heard that once we start the process, the rule to leave every 3 months will not apply, b ut we need to confirm that QUICK before I need to leave in September again. Please pray with me for this to all go smoothly. We are also re-initiating the official papers for Destino del Reino of Honduras. I didn’t realize that Bety had not done the necessary paperwork that was required in a timely way and now we need to start all over again. Please pray also that these papers will get approved quickly. Thanks for praying with me on this. I know God can work it out fast and smoothly but we do need a lot of prayer because usually these things take a lot of time — only God can move it along faster. Thanks.

Some missionary friends (Padrick and Melody O’Neil) came to see us this week. During our talk, I asked Pad about buying a bus in the states or whether it was better to get one in country here. He said it is definitely better to buy one in Honduras. They have just changed the law again and now the buses cannot be older than 6 years to enter Honduras. If we get one here, we can get an older bus for less money and miss the charges for taxes and shipping as well. Thanks to all of you who have been diligently looking for one for us in the states, but I guess we are back to our original idea of getting one here. Please pray that we will have all the funds we need and that we can get one that is in great shape soon. It is a BIG need right now but we want to wait on God’s perfect answer and not rush into buying the first thing we see. Thanks for the prayers for that as well.

The church and Sunday School is growing so fast. We need another teacher for the children and junior high age and will appreciate your prayers for that as well. When we get the bus, we will have a lot bigger crowd and need to get ready in the meantime to be able to teach so many.

Yesterday a couple and their children came out to visit us. Melida (the wife) was my first Spanish teacher when I moved to Honduras about 5 years ago. She and her husband were so sweet to me back then and I was so grateful to be able to speak English to someone when I was new in Honduras. Carlos (her husband) owns the hardware store where we buy all our materials for construction and so they wanted to come out and finally see what we are building here. I really care so much about these two people and want them to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior. So please pray with me about them. They loved the home and the children and she wants to bring a group out here for Day of the Children (a Honduran celebration every September) with pinatas and goodies. She sounds like she wants to really get involved and I know we will see more of one another now and I just want to be ready to share Christ with her when the opportunity is there. Thanks for your prayers.

Marta is in Jocon. She left on Friday morning and was supposed to come back yesterday. It is pretty hard to do all 7 baths and brush all the teeth around here when she is not here but we managed. I will be so happy to see her today though. She called yesterday from Jocon crying and said there are problems at home with her parents and she could not return yesterday. Her father is a drunk (as are all the men in Jocon) and doesn’t really live with their mom anymore and has many women, but the mom still feeds him most of his meals and so he is there a lot. He evidently stirred up some real problems while he was drunk yesterday and I am waiting today to hear how she is doing. Please be praying for that family. it is a typical family for that area but so sad and they have such precious children. I also wish that you would pray that they will send Gabriela to us (Fernando’s sister) so she doesn’t have to be living in that atmosphere either. Thanks.

Well, I g uess I better go right now. The kids are all waking up from their naps and I need to put 7 pairs of shoes and socks on them so we can go out and play. Thanks for all your prayers. I sure gave you a lot to pray about in this email but I really REALLY need your prayers and count on your help in that area. I appreciate so much having such a team of support to write to each week and get the prayers we need.

Love in His ABUNDANT grace,


P.S. Marta returned late last night. Tornados from the hurricane that is on the coast have hit around Jocon and she had to do a lot of walking to catch different buses that could not go through many of the roads. She is still sad over her family situation and thinks her mom might move to her family’s village in another part of Honduras. Gabriela did not come back with Marta but Marta says she should be here sometime later this month or in September because her mom wants to start working somewhere. We will not be getting the newborn baby we had planned on in December because the mother miscarried the baby this month.