In the mountain villages of Yoro, Honduras, a hopelessness has paralyzed the people for generations. Although surrounded by fertile soil and agricultural potential, the children are malnourished and hungry. Destino del Reino is a home where children are nurtured and loved and prepared for adulthood. They are not only provided with food, clothing and shelter, but also with education and job training, enabling them to provide for their own families in the future. Through training in the Word of God, they discover the personal hope they have in Jesus Christ and are prepared to return to their villages as leaders with a destiny of hope.

As with the children of Destino del Reino, many of the outstanding leaders in the Bible (such as Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Esther and Samuel) were separated from their families during childhood. God placed these individuals in kings’ palaces for preparation in leadership and to later be instrumental in bringing salvation and hope to their people.

Destino del Reino, located 15 miles north of Siguatepeque, Honduras, provides the children with basic needs, bilingual education and spiritual knowledge, in an atmosphere of Christ-like love and compassion. The facility when completed will consist of six family-style houses, a guest house for parental visitation, a church, dental clinic, elementary and junior and high schools and vocational training centers.