Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to school sponsorship:

  • Is there any support provided for the families of the students?
    The ministry of the school is not limited to the students themselves. The families of the students receive support from Destino through employment opportunities, adult education, clothing donations from the US, medicines if needed, and various other things.
  • Who coordinates sponsorship?
    Rhonda coordinates the assignment of sponsors.  The American teachers are involved in updating each of the assigned sponsors on their students.
  • If I go to Destino can I meet my student?
    Definitely! Before going or while there just ask Rhonda about it and she will arrange for you to be able to meet your student.
  • Can we get an update about our student (their family, how we can pray, etc.)?
    Yes, you will receive monthly updates from the American teacher of your student’s class.  Also, if your student is needing specific prayer in an area, you will receive a personal email notifying you of this need.
  • Can we correspond with our student (through letters or email)?
    Yes, and we encourage you to write them.    You can send your letters to Destino del Reino, Apartado Postal #220, Siguatepeque, Comayagua, Honduras.   Please do not send gifts however.  We encourage you to send them letters that will motivate them in their spiritual growth and studies.  We do not want the children to have your personal email, Facebook contact or mailing addresses so please do not include them in your actual letter.  We will open the letters and remove the envelopes with your mailing address.  We trust our children generally, but do not want their parents to have access to your information.    The children will be corresponding with you twice a year — Christmas and end of the year (June) to thank you for your love and prayers and support.
  • Can we send support over the internet using a credit card?
    Yes you can. Visit our Make A Donation page to pay through PayPal using a credit card.
  • Where do I send support?
    If you’re mailing a check, send it to:
    Destino del Reino, Inc.
    PO Box 814
    Evans, GA 30809
    **Please write “school sponsor” in the memo line of the check to ensure it is applied to the correct account.
  • How do I find out how much I’ve given/how much I owe?
    Each donor will receive an end-of-the-year tax statement for your records.
  • I already paid at the beginning of the year, why do I keep getting monthly emails?
    The sponsor coordinator sends monthly emails as a reminder to send support (for those who send monthly) and also to remind and encourage sponsors to be praying for their students. Receiving these emails has no reflection on whether or not you have been keeping up with your payments.
  • How long do I support for?
    You can support for as long as you want.   We pray that your desire will be to pray for your student continually, even if there comes a time where you are unable to financially support him/her.   We do not ask you to recommit each year, but if we notice that you have not been sending in donations for a year, we will contact you to know if you would like to continue to pray regularly for the student and will give that student another sponsor to also pray and help with the financial needs.   We understand that anyone’s financial situation can change, so just contact us if you are no longer able to continue supporting.