Teaching at Destino del Reino is much more than simply… teaching. The heart of the ministry of Destino is to raise leaders for the Kingdom of God, therefore, anyone raising these leaders should also have a mindset to be seeking God’s kingdom above anything else. Teaching at Destino is 1016488_10154781675205008_5559746148064969462_nalso more than just a volunteer job for a year. We have seen that the people he calls here are individuals who have a passion and a desire to invest into lives for His glory. Even when trials come, there is so much joy in the day to day blessings of being a teacher and loving on these kids, and the moments when God’s glory shines through these children are beautiful beyond compare. Their smiles, their hugs, and their huge hearts responding to the Lord when he speaks to them is the greatest payment you can receive on earth. If you have a heart for students of any age and a longing to see God’s word come alive in the lives of the people around you, please prayerfully consider joining this ministry and responding to the call on your life!
“My kids surprise me everyday with how loving they are and watching them grow has been one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever experienced.” -Bethany (2nd year teacher)
“I love hanging out with the young kids… They are so sweet and want to share everything with you!” -Alexa (1st year teacher)
“There is nothing better than getting to love on and pray with a student and then seeing the Lord begin to move and change things in their life…” -Jenna (4th year teacher)
Destino del Reino1611922_10200448747257383_281688642_o is looking for native English speakers with a heart to change childrens’ lives for Jesus Christ, willing to volunteer a minimum of 1-2 years to teach at its private bilingual school near Siguatepeque, Honduras.
Volunteers raise approximately $550/month (plus their air fare) to cover rent and living expenses in Siguatepeque. 
The school year begins in late August and runs through early June each year. Teachers enjoy 2 weeks off in December and 1 week at Easter.

If you are an interested Christian candidate, please fill out our Teacher Application form.