Hey Everyone,

We had a visit from the man from the chicken company again today.  He had promised that we could have as long as we want to tell him if we had the money to buy the land and we would have priority in purchasing it.  BUT, he now said that another company man in Guatemala had talked to someone who is also interested in coming up with the money for this land.  The man and his wife came by today to help us make up a proposition to submit to the man in Guatemala so that they would assure that we would have priority.   At first, it scared me but I KNOW that if this is God’s plan he will provide the money for us and get this land for His ministry.  Anyway, he said we need to know in about 3 weeks if we really can come up with the $100,000.  It is a good deal and that has been confirmed by several people that know the market and also they are leaving it at the lower value because now that there is electricity available, the price of the land really could go up  (they don’t take
into consideration that our friends brought that electricity here).

There have been several people who have expressed to me that they intend to help but without letting me know in what amount.   Hopefully, everyone will pray to know what God wants them to contribute, if anything, and let me know and then we will know for sure that this is God’s plan for us and that we can buy the land before others are offered it.   As soon as I sent out my last email, within 5 minutes I got an email saying that one woman was writing a $1,000 check right then and sending it in on the land.  We already have about $10,000 other promised and so if only 89 more people sent in $1,000 we would have it.   I don’t know if God wants to do it in chunks of money by a few individuals or by lots of personal smaller amounts, but please pray with me that we will know what to do and have an answer about how much money we can count on within the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for your prayers for the funds for this land and also for the wisdom of God on what he is up to.

I had a great talk with this man about how we would support Destino off that land and he had some more great ideas.  He said we can have the military come up with their tractors and only have to pay their gas and they can make the lake deeper and longer and we can start a business with talapia (sp?) fish.  He also talked about how fertile the land is up there and that is why there are so many fruit trees and that we can grow some special fruits and support Destino through that. I think this man and his wife are as excited about the idea of Destino getting the land as we are.  So we will see.  Thanks for your prayers and we’ll all wait together for God’s provision of another miracle.

Love to everyone of you,