Hey Everyone,
I was already to report to everyone today that the people didn’t come back after last Thursday night and that God is providing a great security system through someone in Augusta that will be shipped to us FedEx this week — and that is true — it is a big praise that God is providing for us in this way BUT . . . we just got a call this afternoon and someone broke into the house of our three American young women teachers.  They stole their computers, cameras and some cash and wrote threats on their wall and destroyed everything just for meanness.  It appears to be the same people but we don’t know really.  There are a lot of questions and we have the police involved and we have moved them to safe places but we need LOTS of PRAYER —   Pray for the Lord to put a stop to this, for the peace that the parents of the teachers need with their daughters so far from home, and for all of us at Destino.  Satan is obviously trying to come at us from any angle
he can to discourage and scare us but we will not leave and we will continue to do the work that we are called to do here.  We are in the hands of the Father and he is mighty to save.   Thanks for your prayers.  I will write a report of our trip to the USA sometime this week but just wanted to have you praying fervently with us right now for this situation.  Carlos will go to the military and the police and the mayor’s office tomorrow looking for help for us and some watchmen that we can trust.   He wants to buy a gun again and that scares me so pray for wisdom for all of us and especially for Carlos as this falls most heavily on him.
Love to all of you and am so thankful that we can count on your prayers.
In His grace,