Hey Everyone,

This will be short — I just have a lot of prayer requests and need to call in the “troops” to pray today.

I got an text message from little Alexander’s mom that he had to be rushed to the hospital again.  Please pray for him.  I can’t reach her by phone so we can only call on the Father right now.   Also, the four new children that I brought in have a little 2-year old sister and she is desperately ill with asthma and the family has not a penny to their name.  I am going to go get her and get her to a doctor right now and need the Lord to heal her quickly.  It may be better if we take her to live with us as well because they sleep on the floor every night and it is cold and I don’t think she can get well in that environment.   Also, I have to go to the dentist today to get a bad tooth pulled — it has been infected for 3 months and I can’t wait any longer and I have never been to a dentist here and I am very nervous about that.  Karina needs to go with me and have a tooth pulled as well.  Carlos and Wendy are discouraged because they cannot find an affordable house to rent for this year of sabbatical.  and in the middle of all of this I am desperate that some money will come in — God has all these things in HIS hands and I need HIS PEACE today.  Please be praying with me today.  Thanks so much for being there for us and lifting us and our needs up to the Father today.  He is able and faithful and I need to BELIEVE that with ALL my heart.  Love y’all.