Hey Everyone,
Here is the list of some of the things they are collecting in Augusta, Georgia, for our soon-coming container.  If anyone wants to collect at some other point and ship to Geogia, here is our needs list:
Ceiling fans and lights for classrooms
Tires for the buses
Projector for showing films in villages
Spot lights or big flashlights for security in the night
Sound system for the church and school programs
Used children’s clothes and shoes (all sizes)
Underwear and socks for school children
School supplies – everything — notebook paper, folders, composition notebooks, spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, rulers, glue, scissors, markers, colored pencils, crayons, dry erase board markers for teachers, etc. etc.  We got enough on our container last summer to last almost all year long — what a blessing and this year we have about 40 more kids (close to 300 this year).
Refrigerator (2)
Stoves (2)
Mattresses for single beds (not the base, just the mattresses — we have built in beds)
Full or queen beds (2 or 3)
Tools – especially drills
Simple bookshelves
Spanish books for school library
Big pots and pans for the school cafeteria
Plastic cups and plates
Electricity wire (#10, #12, and #14)
Sheets (double and queen)
Dental equipment — Scott Wingard will know more about what needs to go on the container.
Any used furniture — love seats, comfortable chairs, night tables, etc.  (we have the extra house to put furniture in and the other half of the clinic, as well as office in junior high, etc.
Peanut butter
Children’s cold medicines
Ibuprofen and Tylenol for children and adults
 Big trash cans
Spanish Bibles
Outside security lights, security system for new junior high
Coloring books and toys for kids
Bicycles and a couple of tricycles
Thanks for anything you can collect for us.
In His grace,