Hey Everyone, I just posted this one FB but want to make sure all of you are praying for us who do not use Facebook.   We finally FINALLY have a well drilling company coming on Monday and they can have the well running by next Friday — we are so relieved and they seem to be a very good company with a good reputation.  This is just in time for school which is supposed to start the next Monday (Sept. 3).   Bad news though is that it is going to cost about $6,000 more than the $10,000 we had planned on.  We need your prayers for God to provide all that we need.  He has provided so much lately and we were able to buy all our books, all our uniforms, our materials, pay off the teachers’ from past years that we were behind in paying, etc. etc. so I know that He is able.  I will so much appreciate your prayers though that God will bring it all in this week.

We are busy in our school with the teachers who came in a couple of days ago (20th) to start teaching training, decorating, preparing plans, etc.  Please be praying for them.  We have been doing preparing a study on how to have more intimacy with the Father and God is working in all of our lives — tomorrow it is on forgiveness and the lack of it that blocks our relationship with Jesus, so it will be a very important session and self-evaluation time privately  so be praying for transparency and honesty on all our parts so that NOTHING can hinder our intimacy with God.

I am very excited about the sweet group of teachers we have this year.  We have 4 new Hondurans and 4 new Americans so pray for all of them in the different adjustments they are going to be making — We also will be visiting in every home of the students of Destino next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and this is a crucial time for our Destino family.  We go to each home (some are really hard climbs and long walks in the mountain trails) and pray with the families and write down their prayer requests to share with the student’s sponsor.   Pray for a huge blessing on both the teachers that visit the homes and over these sweet families with such great needs.

We are still deciding who God wants us to enter into the new kinder class — there are about 60 names on the list and we can only accept 30 so pray for wisdom for those decisions this week.

We still need a lot of sponsors for our individual students, so if you know anyone that is willing to sponsor a child, please direct them to our website where they can read about what that entails.   Please pray that every student will be sponsored this year — not only for the financial help to feed them, cloth them, and educate them, but also that they will have someone or some family praying for them individually regularly.  That is the biggest need they have in able to complete God’s purposes for their lives.  Thanks for praying for this.

Keep praying about the electric bill situation.  We would owe about $15,000 right now if the government doesn’t come through as they have promised to write those bills off and not charge us in the future — other non-profits have received this benefit so we know it is very possible.  We need a miracle SOON!!!

Pray for the container that is supposed to be shipped in a couple of days.  Pray for it to get through customs without any hitches and that our permission to receive it without paying taxes will be approved.   Thanks to all of you who sacrificially gave so many items that we need at Destino and are coming to us.  We are so blessed to have such a team of supporters and encouragers for Destino del Reino.  Praise God that a van is coming on the container.  I have not been able to take my kids anywhere for SOOOOO long — they are going to be soooo happy.   Pray for our other vehicles — we really need a new pick-up but day by day, we are getting done what we need to do and God will provide in His perfect timing for each need.

We have started something new in our church on Wednesday night.  Carlos is not going to be pastor anymore — just a member of the church with a teaching gift.  We are all studying a passage of the Bible during the week, answering questions in our notebooks and coming together to share what God has taught us and to sing and pray and worship as the Spirit leads instead of using a program or traditional system.  Pray for us as we believe this is what God has led us to do and we desire a transparency among all of us in our prayers for one another so that everyone will be able to find the freedom that God wants for us and encourage one another in this hard walk of faith.

Carlos and Wendy are going to be moving to Siguatepeque in the next month or so.   Carlos just cannot go off-duty when he lives here.  He has been trying to be the night watchman, the bus driver, the construction engineer, the pastor, a father, husband and anything else that comes up to do.  This is the only way he can have a “normal” life and so although we all have mixed feelings about it, I believe this is something that is the best for his family.  Pray for us to find another watchman in the night though — I am willing to trust the angels, but Carlos will rest better in town if he knows someone is here watching over us in the nights.

The junior high building is really coming along.  I was going to take a picture and then Sammy broke my camera, but I will try to get something posted soon.  It is amazingly beautiful.  It will not be done in time for Sept. 3 classes so we will most likely postpone having the junior high kids come to class until two weeks later, but they will be able to make up their work and finish the year on time.   Keep praying for the funds to keep on finishing the rest after we finish this first floor.   We are soooo grateful and so excited for the kids to come in and see what God has built for them.

Thanks again for your faithfulness  in prayer for Destino and for all of us who live and work here.  We are constantly amazed at God’s project here and all He is doing for His kingdom through this place.  We are just so honored that he called us to help him with it all.   Thanks for all the help you are to this ministry — in prayer, giving, encouragement, gifts, in every way.   Thanks for everything.

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Love in His grace,