Hey Everyone,

I wanted to remind everyone that is willing to help us that it is just a few more weeks before we need the things collected for our container coming in mid May.   Below is the list of needs.   Besides what I had already put on this list, we have also started a transition home for babies and toddlers who are abandoned,. where they will live until they are adopted or placed in foster care.  We need everything pertaining to babies for that reason, as well as these things listed previously on our needs list.

John Turner is sending one of his trucks out to Texas the first week of May.   There are four different churches collecting in the Houston area and if you need information, let me know.   We will try to have those four churches get all of their collected items to one location so that John’s truck only has to go to one spot to get everything from Texas in one shot.   I’ll let you know more about that in a few days or so.    Thanks for anything you can do to help us collect.  We are never looking for new things — just good condition used things will be great!!!  Thanks for always loving and praying and encouraging us in every way.

Here is our list:

Used clothing — all sizes of children — no large women’s (1x or 2x or more) and men’s clothing — there are not very many large Hondurans here.  Also no short shorts or miniskirts or two piece bathing suits, and no men’s suits — those are not worn here.

Used shoes — especially we can always use tennis shoes for every size and also soccer cleats for our teams.

Computers, copiers, printers.

Peanut Butter

Medicines  — for the children’s home we need children’ liquid cold and flu medicines as well as fever reducers.  For the school, we need first aid (bandaids, Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, antibiotic cream, etc.)

School supplies – 300 folders (without the brads — just simple folders; notebooks, notebook paper, construction paper, craft papers, pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, scissors, staplers, clocks, stickers, copy paper, art supplies, books in Spanish for library, simple readers for English classes (25 of one type would be great if a school could donate them)

Furniture — for teachers’ housing  — kitchen utensils, plates, cups, pots and pans, love seats, dressers, beds, towels, sheets, desks, bookshelves,  chairs, dinette set, pillows, blankets. lamps,

Washing machines and clothes dryers (2 each)

CD players – for school (3)

Bikes and children’s toys for children’s home — not something with a lot of little pieces that can be lost easily.

Playground equipment — for school and for children’s home — any kind will be helpful — swings, slides, climbing, teeter totters

Tools — we really need almost any kind of tools in our garage — we have a full-time mechanic and he really could use a battery charger for the buses as well

Tires — bus tires (used)

Microscopes, science materials, chemistry materials

Band instruments — we are increasing our band each year and need more instruments.  We can also use some of those little plastic flutes for the kids in training first year — recorders, I think they call them.

Plastic cups and plates for cafeteria — we need about 400 plastic cups each year.  We need probably 60 new plastic plates and 60 forks

Toothbrushes and toothpaste — 330 for the year at least.