Hey Everyone

Thanks to Sally for editing and Pastor Wade for getting it ready for publishing, the book is ready!!!   It costs $8.00 a book and you can order copies by sending me an email to rhondadestino@yahoo.com with your address.  You can send checks to pay for the number of copies that you want to the regular address:  Destino del Reino, PO Box 814, Evans, GA 30809 and mark at the bottom of the check “Books”  When I am in Augusta from Sept. 15-22, I will put your copies in the mail to you.   I am kind of excited about this because I truly did not write it.   God kept waking me up in the night and telling me what to say and I kept resisting him and just did not want to spend time writing a book.   When I finally obeyed after 3 days and sat down at my computer, the book flowed out — I typed 10 hours over three days (thankfully, I type about 150 wpm) and never when I was writing did I stop to think what I should write next or when a new chapter should start — it was just flowing out of me.  When I finished and closed the last chapter, I sent it off to be edited in an email and to this day I have not read it.  However, the  four people who have read it have said it is clearly God who wrote it, and that it is so good and gives a clear picture of the whole view of what God has done at Destino as well as encourages everyone to let God use them no matter how ordinary they think they are.   I am excited because I KNOW God did this and He plans to use it in the lives of many to follow Him and let Him do the miraculous through each of the readers.   Let me know if you want a copy.

Love to all of you.