Hey Prayer Partners —

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful day of Giving Thanks.   God is so good to us and blesses us even in the small things that we are unaware of.   We had a huge group (of course) and I cooked for two days but it was well worth my exhaustion to see the smiles on the faces of my kids!!!

I am in need of lots of prayer about something right now.   A quick history is that in Honduras ex-employees can go to the Labor Dept. and complain and the Labor Dept. always helps out the employee.  Even if they lie and say they were fired and just quit or exaggerate how long they have worked, etc., there is no help for the employer.   I am working with  an attorney with business experience and he says that he can set up our whole system to protect us from ever having to have these situations arise again.  As long as we pay each employee 20% more than the minimum wage (according to their various positions), they have no further rights to claim against Destino.  We already pay most of our employees the right amount and will have to raise a few salaries, but we have to protect the ministry and we cannot continue to let disgruntled ex-employees steal the money from the children’s needs.   Thanks for your prayers for clarity and the correct course of action for the favor of God over us in this process.

Also, we are in the very last steps of the process to apply for the university.   On Monday, our Director and the gentleman who has been helping us get through this process will be meeting to finalize all the papers and put together the last documents required.   Please be praying for this process to be finished so we can start classes in a few more months for the many students who have been waiting for the university to open.

We have determined that we will not open the tech school until mid-February but the men who will be providing the books and materials as well as the instructors have come to visit and are impressed with our buildings we have prepared and ready to get started.   They also are accepting that we will be teaching Bible classes every day to the tech students and that the purpose of the tech school is to prepare them for not only a career but also a way to use their career for ministry.    Thanks for praying for us as we determine the 20 students who God wants us to accept into the school.

There is a LOT on my mind constantly with all of these things going on as well as running the school and taking care and nurturing 23 kids so please pray for me to ALWAYS cast my burdens on the Lord each day and have the peace that He offers.  These are HIS projects and kids — not mine — so I can fully trust Him to take care of each and every detail in His perfect timing!!!

Thanks for prayers for my health.   My blood pressure is now down to normal and my heart is “perfect” according to my cardiologist.   I praise God continually that he kept me safe while I was so careless about my health.   I had not been to a doctor for over 15 years and honestly realized that subconsciously it was because I didn’t want to be weighed.  It is amazing how our insecurities are causing reactions in us when we don’t even realize it.   When I finally went to the doctor, I just said, “I don’t want to be weighed” and that was that!   it was so easy, ha ha.  I have had such a complex about being overweight all my life that it had become an obsession I wasn’t even aware of that could have cost me my life if I continued with high blood pressure over 200.   God is good and is so faithful to me even when I am “loco”.

Thanks for your prayers for Oscar.   He does have the Guillens Barre illness but the doctors are amazed at how light of a case he has.   He only had one nerve damaged before he received his treatments and now he is having to go through therapy to get strength in his one leg so that he can walk again.  He walks with a walker sometimes but mostly uses a wheelchair during the day.   He is going to therapy three times a week so pray for his finances as well.   He has maintained a trusting cheerful attitude through this trying time and knows that God is in control of his life and he is so grateful for God sparing him.   Thanks for your continued prayers that he will be back on his feet and working again soon.

The kids are doing great right now.   No one is sick and we are enjoying our long vacation for Thanksgiving.  It is like spring here in the mountains and we had hoped to use the fireplace on Thanksgiving day but are enjoying the sunshine.

Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for our finances.   Just a week ago today, I was desperately looking for any spare change to buy milk, but we made it through the weekend and no one missed a meal!!!  And now we received enough money this week to finish a couple of projects as well as pay all the workers!!  His timing is perfect and when there is very little money, it just reminds me what a miracle that there is EVER any money.  We operate only out of faith that God will place it on His children’s hearts to help us and we are forever well-cared for!!!    Thanks to all of you who give so generously to Destino del Reino.   We are so blessed.

Love to each and everyone of you.

In His Incredible GRACE,