Hey Everyone,

I just couldn’t wait to tell you all that God is working out for Destino del Reino. Pam Kitchens came on Friday morning and we went straight to the Orphanage Emanuel to look at the buildings and all (it was only about an hour and ½ from the airport) – it was really helpful, as far as Destino del Reino is concerned because we figured out right from the beginning of the weekend the floor plan we want, and then it made the rest of the planning easier. It is getting so exciting. Pam wants to put a construction crew together and build the first house the last few days of July and the first week of August. Her architect is drawing up the plans and this first house will be the pattern for all the others. Pam said she had a vision of bringing three different construction groups at a time next summer (not the one coming up but 2002) and putting up three more houses all the same week – It will be easier for the next houses to be built after we have this first plan and have worked out all the details of materials, etc. So in the future, when another group wants to build, it will be just a matter of raising the money and bringing the group in because we will know how to have the slab ready and all the materials bought, etc. After the groups leave, I will still have to get Honduran workers to finish up some of the walls and painting and the tiles in the bathroom and then in the future have some porches put on each one. Pam is going to write to me with the amount that each house will cost (possibly around $15,000 with materials and labor) and then we’ll just pray the money in—If this first house is all done in August, I could take in some kids in September (once we receive our paperwork back) I will be only taking children under the age of 5 this first year so that I won’t need a school built or teachers hired for the first year and can wait until we have the other three houses full. We went out to the land and decided exactly where we would put the first house. The houses will be placed in kind of a horseshoe shape, all facing in. Down at the bottom of the horseshoe in the middle of the U will be the church. That will be a plan for 6 houses (3 on each side, with the church in the middle at the end of the driveway. When we build the school, it will be out the horseshoe out to the left as you face the houses. God put this whole weekend together so smoothly and we are just amazed. Please be praying about us getting all the funding we need quickly and also the right people will be on the crew coming in just 13 weeks. I can’t believe how fast they can put up a whole house, especially this big!!! I also will need some kind of vehicle before I get the kids so please ask people to be praying about that. God knows each detail and HE IS SO FAITHFUL!!! Please pray for Pam Kitchens faithfully. She is getting her masters degree in Christian Ed and Missions right now and has a heavy class load as well as putting this project together. Pray for her to have wisdom and that God will bless her greatly for her sacrifices. She is so skilled and we praised God that Honduras was so similar to Brazil (where she has done so much construction in the past) and it will be easier for her to adjust to buildings in Honduras.

I guess I’m giving a lot of things to pray for, so I think I will just itemize them for you—

  1. for Pam Kitchens – for wisdom in every details and blessing for her giving of her time and abilities.
  2. for funding for the house (approximately $15,000)
  3. for the Honduran workers we need –God’s choice—and they will be won to Christ during construction
  4. for the slab that has to be completed before July
  5. for Muncho, my Christian friend who will be in charge of hiring laborers and overseeing the slab
  6. for the paperwork to continue going through quickly (September is the projected date)
  7. for a van or vehicle for the children (I have some friends going to Houston in a few months and they bring cars back so if God provides one before that time, we could have it brought down here by that group.)
  8. if God might have you be a part of the crew coming to build—male or female—Pam can use about 25 people and we are planning the hotels and food, etc. If interested, contact Pam at pamelakitchens@pobox.com.
  9. for the architect and every person involved in the planning.

Please feel free to send this email on to anyone that you feel may like to be a park of Destino del Reino –we need so much prayer and support and I know God will greatly bless each of you for your contribution in every way –especially through PRAYER!!!

Also, if each of you would have your churches pray, that would be wonderful. Thanks.

Thank you for all your love for me and support –God is so good to me and I thank Him for sending each of you in my life to be my encouragement.

Love in Him – what a AWESOME GOD!!!