Hola Everyone –

I was able to go take a picture of the house today. When the group finished up on Monday last week, it was raining and we could not get a good picture. As you can see in the picture, they are still doing all the finishing work on the blocks and then we will begin painting and finishing the cement floor. It is soooo very big and wonderful and I can hardly wait to bring the children down from the mountain villages to see their new home!!

As I told some of you, the group that came from the states to build this first house was so great. Seven men, three ladies and one little 6-year old girl came to build. We had many Honduran workers also and the house went up so quickly — about 6 days’ time. I was just amazed at how fast this could be done — Pam is something else in the way she can work the people and get the job done. She is learning Spanish and it is good because one man named Herman she called “hermana” (which means “sister”) and then his brother’s name is Tano and everyone called him “Tonto” which means “dumb.” The Hondurans seemed to love us anyway though, ha.

One of the workers received Jesus as his savior during lunch the second day and his name is Reynaldo. Please be praying for him to grow to know the Lord Jesus better. He was in church that Sunday night and again this week. The group bought a bible for him and he was very very happy.

We are planning to build two more houses in June and we laid out with stakes where they are to be positioned. The tractor will come and level the land in February and they will begin the two slabs in March (or as soon as the money is in). Please be praying for those who are raising the funds to build these next houses. We need to build the school also in December so there is lots to be raised. But God will provide for this — HIS WORK!!

My parents are coming on Thursday for a little over a week and we will begin planting the fruit trees — we want to get them in as soon as possible so we can start eating the fruit within another year. Bananas, platano and papaya all grow and produce fruit within one year.

In about 4 weeks a group from Houston is coming to put in the septic system and drill the water well. Please be praying for all the details to be worked out for that. We need to find a backhoe to rent too. I praise God for all those He is sending to help. It amazes me how He has placed this ministry on so many people’s hearts — for prayer and also to come to physically help in so many ways.

Please be praying also for the group coming in March (about the 24th) for their plans to be smooth and we will know what God has in mind for them to accomplish that week.

I am taking care of some details around here and we need to talk to the lawyer about our papers — they had to be amended because of having a school, so please pray for those papers to go through smoothly too.

I have sure given y’all a lot of things to pray for and I praise God for so many prayer warriors behind this ministry. You’re great!!! and you will be rewarded as much as anyone for praying — that is the most important part of this ministry. Please continue to pray especially for the children that God would have come to live at Destino del Reino — that it will be HIS choice and we will have wisdom to know His plan.

I really want to be praying for each of you personally too, so PLEASE write me and let me know what I can pray for specifically for each of you. Please remember to write me at rhonda@globalnet.hn instead of the Hotmail account. It is easier to access.

I love you all and praise God over and over for each of you and your faithfulness in prayer.

In His Grace,