Hey Everyone –

I’m in Jocon FINALLY!! This really is my home now and I had missed my “family” here sooooo much. I had been in Siguatepeque since arriving from the States in late December — the first group came and built the house and then my parents and the Bargerons were coming to help a few weeks later and a week after they left, Johnny Sherman, the pastor from Alabama and another woman were coming — so I have not been able to return to my “home” until this week.

It was so great to be back. The kids I live with were so excited to see me and we had so much fun going through all the things I had brought back. Tito loved his soccer ball, Rey David is very proud of his new watch and Marinita LOOOOVEEESS her Barbie — she had seen one on the back of a bookbag and asked for one from the United States. My family here has taken in a little 8-year old cousin from another city who needed a place to live. His name is Eddy and he is so precious. He has a little brother that is 5 years old that may come to live with us at Destino del Reino. I don’t want to make any exceptions about taking in children that are not from this area, but he is family to my family and I’ll pray about that possibility. Eddy will be living at Destino del Reino in a year with Rosy and Fernando move there to start the school.

Pastor Johnny and Jennifer (a friend from another church in Alabama) and I had such a great time when we arrived in Jocon. They loved it too. It is very rustic and primitive compared to the hotel in Siguatepeque, but they could see how precious these people are and why God called me to this ministry to bring hope to the future generations in these mountains.

While they were here, I took them down to the village nearby (across a little river and up a big hill) called Esperanza. I had been praying about firming up which children we should take and also about finding additional children that God would like us to take back when this first house is built. We had just come into the village and we started talking with a family and I felt “an urge” to talk to them about the children’s home. Immediately, they pointed at a little 8-month old baby boy and the whole family said they wanted me to take him. He was sooooo cute and I talked to the 17-year old mother and she agreed too that he needed to go with me in May. I told her we will have to sign the release of liability papers in Yoro in April through an attorney, and she is very willing and realizes that this is the only hope for his future. We walked a while and talked to another man who is interested in sending 2 or 3 of his children under the age of 5 to live with us. He had many questions and specifically wondered why we had to be so far away. I told him that it was the plan of God because I had looked for land nearer to Jocon, but God had a very specific plan in mind and that Christian Hondurans in Siguatepeque had skills such as carpentry and welding, etc. that they would be able to teach these children when they grew up. That seemed to make him very happy.

I had wondered if the original 6 that had been promised to us would actually follow through. The two little boys on the front of my brochure (if you’ve seen it) were already very needy and now, as I return, I find out that their father has been murdered. So now, more than ever they need to go with us. I am breaking a few rules already, because the oldest just turned 6 this month and I will have to help him learn his writing and numbers when he comes to live with us, but Rosy will be there to start teaching him just about 6 months after we take them on to live in Siguatepeque.

The little boy, Tito Alexander, whose mother is now 14 years old, has been quite sick lately and this has confirmed to his family that they want him to live with us where he will always receive medical attention when he needs it.

The little boy, age 3, named Jose Miguel was a very unsure thing, but now his grandmother wants to confirm the plans to take him to Destino too. And then I still have the new baby and his older 2 year old brother (Melvin) here in Jocon. So right now I have 7 for sure and probably 9 lined up. Please keep praying that God will show us exactly who He has in mind for this first house. It is confirming my suspicion that we will be filling these houses just as fast as we can build them!! Now that we actually have the house almost ready, I will be able to take a picture to the parents and other interested people and they will be quicker to make their decisions. The situation (according to Fernando) in Honduras is getting increasingly worse and people who want to work are finding it hard to have businesses, etc. He is out of work now too and has begun to sell frijoles (beans) out of our house. He charges one lempira more than what he buys it for per pound. He is so industrious and hard-working (unlike the other men up here) and he is anxious to work on the land at Destino del Reino next year. He knows so much about plants and trees and everything and will be such a great asset. I brought him back some bible studies in Spanish and he started studying immediately. He loves to study the Word.

We are continuing to work on the house in Siguatepeque. We have to wait for more funds for buying the tile and the toilets and cabinets, but I know God will provide everything we need in His perfect timing. We have to continue to pay the workers so that we don’t lose them to other job sites. I only had enough for them for the next two weeks, and the pastor in our church asked if they could work for him a week on the new church building. That kept them busy on someone else’s payroll for one week, and gave us time to take in a little more money — God’s timing is always perfect!!

My family is so precious here and Rosy came in to ask to borrow one of my dresses and she is having another one made for my birthday. These people are so poor and yet give and give and GIVE!! They put us Americans to shame. I am so humbled by their love for me.

My parents will return on the 25th with Jim and Linda and Jim and my father will finish up the wiring of the house. Jim is going to teach the Hondurans to prepare the slab a little differently in order to make the wiring of the house more easy. It looks as if God is going to use him on a regular basis over here. Yeah!!

Pastor Johnny went through the house with me and determined what furniture we will need to have built the last week of March when he brings his group here. I know they will not be able to finish all we need in one week, but we’ll have the patterns and be ready to get others to help, hopefully. We are trying to make everything as standard as possible to make each house easier as we go along. Jennifer is a precious Christian woman who came along to see where God might have her minister. We hit it off immediately and I already miss her. She has a small missions organization that sends out short-term groups for various projects. She doesn’t know at this point where God will use them. but pray for her to have clear direction. Johnny is going to talk to a friend in construction concerning the possibility of raising the money and coming to build a cafeteria for us. It doesn’t have to be the same type of building as Pam is planning for the houses and church, etc. so another outside group can come to build it. I really would like the cafeteria built as soon after we get the next two houses in June done, as possible. We want to eat together as a “big family” in the mornings in the cafeteria each day. I also want to put the hand prints on the walls of the cafeteria of each child as they come in and the date of entrance, so they can see them through the years as they grow up.

Marta is doing well and she and Fernando and Rosy are all working on their English. I’m going to try to help all of them during the weeks I am in Jocon, off and on from now until May. Please pray for them as they study. I know it is hard — but God did a miracle for me and He will for them too.

Please pray for the following:

  • Wisdom as to which children we should take into the home
  • Courage for these mothers as they have to be separated from their children in the near future
  • The workers God is preparing to work with us (Hondurans and Americans)
  • Continued flow of finances
  • The brigades that are coming — for plans and finances and blessings on their families and work as they are away.
  • Feb. 25 – Jacksons and Bargerons
  • March 4 — group from Houston for well and septic system
  • March 22 – group from Alabama to make furniture and medical brigade to Jocon
  • April ?? — Possible group from Georgia to build playground
  • June 8-24 Two groups under Pam’s direction to build next two houses
  • July 15? – Youth group from Kiokee to paint the new houses.
  • Safety for the Honduran workers
  • Completion of the filling of the bus in Houston and quick shipment by boat to Honduras (customs, etc.)
  • Opportunities of ministry and evangelism with the Hondurans we are meeting in preparation for the home.
  • Moncho and Bety as they head up the construction continually.
  • Pam’s studies and direction as she directs this whole project.
  • Many other things, — whatever God shows you to pray for.

Thank you soooo much for all your prayers and please forward my letters to anyone you think would like to help us in praying for this project. God is good and he continues to amaze me every day with all his provisions and blessings. What a wonderful God we serve!

Love in Him,