Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. I am very excited about all that God is doing here for Destino del Reino. The house is progressing so well and it is SOO beautiful. We are now just needing to put in the plumbing and the cabinetry and it will be almost complete. We are just finishing things as the funds come in and I know God will provide everything we need. We are keeping the Honduran workers busy each week and they are working so diligently. They have already closed in the underground apartment and have begun the pila (the cement washboard outside). We had plenty of concrete blocks left over and so we did not have to buy any of the supplies to finish these projects. They have also put down the cement for the underground patio and we will have some hammocks up there for y’all to enjoy when you come to see me. The breeze is so cool and refreshing under the house there on top of the hill. You’ll just have to come over and try it sometime!!

I went to the airport yesterday to pick up Pastor Johnny Sherman from Alabama and another woman, Jennifer, who has a small missions organization which sends groups on short-term missions trips. Pastor Johnny is here to check on the accommodations, etc. for his group he will be bringing from Gadsden, Alabama on March 22nd and Jennifer isn’t sure why God sent her at this point but she is praying about how she can be involved. Johnny will bring 12-13 people who can build furniture with his group and also 5-6 medical people. It turns out that he wants to take the medical people for 3 of the days the week they are here to the mountain villages where I live and where the children are coming from. He wanted to see the villages for himself so we are leaving tomorrow on that long 10-hour bus(es) trip to Jocon and they will be with me there all day Friday and then we will arrange a ride to the airport on Saturday morning for them. Please pray that the ride will work out for them as there aren’t many people in Jocon with cars. I am so excited that they wanted to see where I live and where the really poor people of Honduras are — I hope they’ll still be excited when they see the “hotel” they have to stay in — but I know they are tough and will love it as I do — the people are so precious there. I was thankful too because I have someone to ride with me on that long trip now and I have quite a few things totake up there to the people — vitamens, toys, etc. and now I’ll have some help. It will be a lot to work out to take part of their group up there in March and to arrange a medical brigade and to take along a few translators, but I know God will work it all out because the people are so needy there. I also realized that it may be very helpful to our finding the needy children that need to live in Destino del Reino by doing a medical brigade that week. The people come from EVERYWHERE when they find there is a doctor to be seen and medicines to be received — so we may be able to get the word out more effectively than any other way. God is so wise in all His plans and ways!!

Please pray for the making of the furniture project too. I am new to all of these things and hadn’t realized that when people send groups to do projects like this — they expect the missionaries to have the supplies there to do the labor with!!! I know that God wll provide all our needs but please help me pray that the funds will come in specifically for all the wood needed to build the beds, table, etc. Thanks. God is continuing to keep things for Destino del Reino as for the widow in the Old Testament that had just the right meal and oil for each meal but never extra!! God has provided everything we need JUST IN TIME and He continues to stretch my faith by not having any “extra” in the bank at any time. This is good for me and keeps me on my knees and trusting Him more than ever before — so please keep praying for me to grow in Faith!! Thanks.

I will be in Jocon for about 2 weeks and will return to Siguatepeque in time to get my parents and Jim and Linda Bargeron from the air force base on the 25th of February. They are returning to wire the house and they are bringing the electrical materials with them — PRAISE GOD for providing all that for us through Jim. Please pray for protection for them and that they will have no difficulty getting their flight out of Charleston.

Thank you sooo much for all your prayers and continue to write me with your specific prayer needs so I can be part of your ministries and lives too. I love each of you and praise God for such an awesome prayer team as I have in all of you. I can’t wait until you all meet one another in heaven one day and you’ll find out what a great team you are — there are more than 200 of you praying for Destino del Reino regularly and God is answering your prayers “above and beyond anything we could ask or think.” Thank you.

I love you all!!

In His Grace,