Hey Y’all,

I know I just wrote yesterday but I have to share some things with everyone and need more prayer.

The Bad News:

The bus came this morning, but the shipping company had told us they were sending us the papers that would enable us to pick up the bus from the port. So we waited and they papers that were guaranteed to come today did not come. Also, the bus was scheduled to come on July 5th but was delayed in the port in Houston and if it had come at that time, it would have been permitted into the country. We knew there was a possibility that we would have to just go to the port here and load all of the contents of the bus into a truck and not be permitted to keep the bus, but THEY SENT THE BUS BACK THIS AFTERNOON STILL LOADED WITH ALL OUR THINGS — I am so sick that I just want to cry but I keep choosing to trust, but this is so bad. I wrote the shipping company and asked them to consider taking responsibility for this since they were late in sending our papers and also we had the bus at the port in time to be sent before the July 6th deadline. If they would do that, we can have a container sent that contains all of our things and they would cover the $2,500 cost. I am so sad about this and I just ask y’all to please pray fervently for us. We need all those contents but the most pressing need right now is the generator —


Before I got home and found out about the bus problem, I was so excited to write to you all and tell you that we had more than 26 people come to Christ today. Three whole families received Christ — the one that I was the most excited about was the family that lives right next door to Destino del Reino. In that case, 13 people in the family accepted Jesus as their Savior today, including teenagers, two brothers and their wives, grandmother and several children. It was SOOO wonderful and I told them they were now going to be my neighbors forever — next door in the earth and then together for eternity. We are going to start family Bible studies in the 3 houses in a few weeks. We need some reading glasses for several of the adults that have accepted the Lord this week and cannot read their Bibles so if any of you could pick some up at Wal-Mart and give them to the Bargerons or my parents or Kathi, my sister, they can get them to me when my parents and the Bargerons come in a few weeks. Thanks so much. Thanks for all your prayers. We are finished with the evangelism for this village and we the “team” is going out to celebrate the great things God has done on Friday night.

I love y’all and PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE pray hard for me right now.