Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all your prayers over the past few weeks. God has been doing sooo much and we are all celebrating His faithfulness.

We started doing the door-to-door evangelism in Las Jermanias (the village next to Destino del Reino) last Wednesday. We have been out 5 afternoons now and many people have accepted Jesus as their Savior. We have reminded them as we talk to them that this is not about “religion” — Man created religion, God just wanted “relationship”. So many have come into that “relationship” now through accepting Christ’s payment for their sins and we are ready to celebrate!!! We have about 2 more days and we will have covered the entire village. This is not door-to-door evangelism like you have imagined before — there is no such thing as door-to-door in this village — it is more like “mountain-to-mountain.” ha. We have had to climb so very HIGH mountains to reach solitary houses but as we are aching and sweating, I can’t help but think of how MUCH farther the Lord Jesus went to rescue ME!! And it makes me more willing to keep climbing. It has been worth the climbs though because every time we arrive at one of these isolated little houses, someone in the house has asked Jesus Christ into their lives — it is so precious. We have to walk hard patchs and around pigs and cows, etc. and we have had such joy.

We had another GREAT surprise. My cousin, Bob, is coming on Monday for a few days and will have a clinic for these people in the same village. We are trying to overwhelm them with the love of the Father and this is just another opportunity to do that. We will have the clinic on Wednesday so please pray about that. The evangelism team is going to be there to help and to also talk to more of the people about the love of Jesus. We have so many children’s clothes coming in too and we will be able to give the children some much-needed clothing. At the clinic, we are going to give out announcements about a meeting the next week for those who have recently accepted Christ and for others who are interested in more information about salvation. At the meeting, we will be able to know how many Bible study books we need and also Bibles for these people. We will then start meeting with them once a week for discipleship so they can discover all they have found in this Savior — are they in for a wonderful surprise!!

The news about the well is this — we are finally actually SCHEDULED for a date for our well to be drilled. It is kind of complicated to explain it all but we ended up making a contract with the engineer and we, as well as 3 other groups, all pitched in to have the machine fixed (about $500) a piece and then we were calendared in as to when the machine would be at our location. Ours is scheduled to be drilled the week of August 5th — so Praise God, it is about to happen. Keep praying for those “abundant waters” to be so abundant that we can share with the little neighboring houses and again display the love of God for them.

The bus from Houston with the many things as well as the generator for electricity is to arrive today. The message from the shipping company said that it would arrive today and so would the papers from the courirer. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the papers and we can’t go up north until the papers are here — so we may have the angels on guard tonight to watch over our bus and the precious cargo on board. Thanks for praying about all of this. From what I am hearing, the bus will be entered into the country even though it is over 10 years old and that all vehicles in the 90’s are being entered. Please keep praying about us receiving the van from Mobile — I think the problem is convincing the shipping man there that we can, in fact, send the van on to us and it will be received. We REALLLY need the van desperately and I have to remind myself that the Father knows that better than me and I can trust Him for it. It is amazing here that so many people are so willing to go out and share Christ with people in the nearby villages and there are NO cars. In our entire church, only about 4 families have cars and the men use them to get to work so we are kind of stranded in that way. Roxany, Bety’s sister, has driven us every day, but we really need a car for Destino so much — keep praying on that for us too. If anyone knows of someone that may have a 12- or 15- passenger van that is newer than 1993 that they would like to donate, please let us know. It costs a little under $600 to ship from Mobile and I know God will provide all we need and I will keep just trusting.

I am amazed at myself at times — God has been so faithful and has an absolutely PERFECT track record and yet I find myself fretting instead of RESTING. I really ask you to pray that my faith will grow and I will trust IMMEDIATELY as each new situation presents itself. I am ashamed of myself when I doubt the Father who is perfect in every way and has the ability to move the whole universe on my behalf — so thanks for praying for me in that.

Please keep praying about the Vacation Bible School that will be held the week of August 5th. The children are very excited about it and we will be able to teach them about the Lord Jesus — some hearing from the first time — we are all very excited about it and we even have some crafts to do, thanks to the left-overs from the children’s program the Tomball Bible Church group held in La Ceiba. God sure does provide ALL we need at ALL times.

I thank you all SOOOO much for your faithfulness in prayers for me and for the ministsry at Destino del Reino. The house is still on hold but we will continue to work on completing it once we have the well in and know how much money we can afford to spend on the construction at this time. Thanks for praying for the funds to continue to come in. Always in His PERFECT timing.

I love all of you and am continually amazed at the incredible prayer support God has brought to me.

Love in His Grace,