Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well — I thank you for your continued prayers for me.

I have returned to Siguatepeque for a few weeks at least. I didn’t understand this frustration and restlessness that was in me lately while in Jocon — I realize now that the Spirit was trying to get me to get up and DO SOMETHING!! I have been praying about the village near Destino del Reino and looking forward to a ministry there and have desired that a group from the States might come and help me do evangelism there. But God wants us to start NOW — When I talked to Sandra (Bety’s sister here in Siguatepeque) about what my desire was to do right now in evangelism, she just about cried because she had been praying for the exact same thing and was waiting on me. We feel that God wants us to take out evangelism teams for two or three weeks until we have reached all 100 houses in that village. The week after we complete the door-to-door evangelism, we will do one week of Vacation Bible School in the afternoons for the children (MANY children). Then the week after we complete the VBS, we will start holding regular Sunday afternoon Sunday School at Destino del Reino for the children in the area. We also have found some great booklets that only cost 50 cents a piece entitled, “First Steps for New Christians” and we will follow up with weekly Bible studies in various homes for the new believers. The booklets have 12 lessons and so we will get committed people to meet with the new Christians every week. The booklets have spaces to fill in and so don’t require experienced Bible teachers to lead these studies. I am SOOOOO excited that I can’t hardly stand it. I believe God wants to do amazing things in this village and use Destino as the center of the ministry and we can lay the foundation for the ministry now before I get all the children in the homes and am so occupied with them. Today the interested people from my church here met to plan the evangelism and we had 12 people show up. They are so precious and we had young people as well as older adults and they are all so willing to be used of God. Most of them have never done this before but we have enough leaders with experience to put with each group of 3. We met and agreed to all fast tomorrow all day and then meet and practice sharing the gospel with one another tomorrow and we will begin going out every afternoon on Wednesday. Please PLEASE pray for us and if you feel inclined, join us in fasting on Tuesday and praying that God will b ring these 100 families to Christ!! I believe God will make disciples out of these villagers and I am so excited to see what GREAT things are going to be happening in the next few weeks. Thanks for praying with us. I am so blessed to be apart of this evangelism team — they are precious and so willing and unafraid to get out there and share their faith. They are like most of us Americans and haven’t really reached out much to others and are so excited now to have the opportunity to help reach a village that has not heard the Good News before.

Thanks for keeping on praying about the well. The latest thing is that the well drill needs fixed and there are several groups like your ministry that need wells. We are all going to chip in some money towards the repairs and then we will be put in order as to when each well is drilled. There is a chance we can go first and not wait another month or two so please pray that they will listen to our pleas to get ours in soon. After we get the well in (ABUNDANT WATERS), we will need to make a big water tower and also finish the septic system and basically, we will be through with the things that have to happen before the children come to the home — so keep praying!!

I had been wondering about what children will actually end up living with us at Destino in the first house and was “fretting” again over it. So finally, one night last week, I just told the Lord that I was sorry for not trusting Him about sending the right kids — this is HIS idea and so He is perfectly capable to choose each child and make it clear. I told Him that I would trust Him and quit thinking I needed to go out and do more recruiting and advertising. The word about Destino is already out there. The next morning a lady came to the house and she wants to give us 3 of her 5 children — a 5 year old boy, a 2-year old girl and a 2-month old baby boy. Rosy and I just smiled and it turned out that Rosy had prayed for confirmation the day before for me concerning His sending children to us continually. He is SO faithful and is so patient when I need to be re-encouraged and need confirmation on what He has promised — what a patient Father He is!!

He has been so faithful with the finances also. About 2 weeks ago I wrote Laurie (our treasurer) and told her that we were going to have to have another $1,500 for the well tubes soon and we might have to charge them at the hardware store and I didn’t feel real comfortable about charging anything. I told her, “but knowing the Father, it is probably already in the mail.” Sure enough, she checked the mail box the next day and there was $1,573 in the post office ready to be deposited. He is SOOOO perfect. Thank you all for your support in prayer as well as finances — it is so great that He speaks to His children at just the right time and prompts them to give a certain amount. Wow!!

I know there are so many other great things to share with y’all but I won’t make this too long tonight. Please keep praying for my faith to be strong. It wasn’t so hard to make the BIG plunge of faith to come here and start Destino in the first place, but it is a lot of faith to walk day by day in His promises without doubt and with confidence that He who promised, will DO IT. I need to grow so much in more faith and trust in Him — He is absolutely worthy of COMPLETE TRUST!!

I love praying for all of you individually so keep writing me with your requests. I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and for even passing on my emails for additional prayer from people I have not yet met — what a prayer team we have for Destino del Reino. God is GOOD!

Love in His GRACE f orever,