Hey Y’all,

I just have been so thankful lately for my life and ministry here in Honduras. My neighbors that all come to church here on Saturday night are so precious and so giving. They continue to bring me tortillas and fresh vegetables and eggs, etc. and are always giving out of such poverty — it is so amazing.

Last week we went to church on Sunday night (about 25 in my truck) and afterwards I had a huge cake and they all came in to have some with me. We blew up some balloons and they all hit the balloons around for over an hour (adults included) — everyone was laughing and so happy. It is amazing how little it takes to bring them joy. I love doing special things for them. Last night we invited some of them over and we showed the Jesus film to them. We all loved it so much. Some of them had seen it before but not since they knew Jesus personally and it was so meaningful to all of us. I had picked up Edgar and his grandmother from the little shack on the highway where they live. As I was driving them home again, the grandmother started singing one of the praise songs we sing in church on Saturday nights and I just started crying. She is so precious and is so excited about her new life in Christ!!

Every week we have a few more go to church with me in Siguatepeque too. I really think we’ll have to have a bus one day, but I guess God doesn’t think we need it yet or He would have provided it already. They are very willing to pile in the back of the truck though and I can hear them singing back there all the way to church. What a wonderful life I have here getting to watch these people grow in their love for Jesus!!

Also, I had a wonderful surprise visit this week from Pastor Wade and Anne Trimmer from Grace Fellowship in Augusta. They mean so much to me and it was because of Pastor Wade’s teaching and also their tireless ministry in my life that I have been able to come to Honduras and know the freedom to love these people here. So it blessed me sooo much to have them see the ministry that God has begun here through their ministry to me.

Thanks for all your assurances of your prayers for my mother’s surgery tomorrow. I will look forward to hearing a good report back about the results — God is faithful and still heals today and I am very sure He is able and willing to do that.

Please keep praying for my leg as well. It has been 3 weeks today and it still looks horrible. It is too deep and too wide really to scab over so it just leaks and looks bad still. I sent some yucky pictures to my doctor cousin to see if he thinks this is “normal” — I need some assurance about it right now because it is taking so long. Thanks for your consistent prayers for my healing!

Fernando and Marta went to Yoro for 2 days. They are planning to bring back Fernando’s mom to see where we live and also bring back Marta’s mom (Fernando’s grandmother) to see Destino del Reino as well. Fernando has a baby sister who needs to live with us too and I think this will assure the mother of the safety and blessing of living here for her children. We are still waiting to hear from the other 4 children we are expecting to come to live so please keep praying for them as well. Tito Alexander (2 years old), a 5 -year old little girl, Jose (baby with the deaf mute mother), Mario (age 5). Thanks for all your prayers that God will continue to send us exactly who He has built this home for. Only He knows who they are and I don’t want to run ahead of Him.

Please be praying for the group that will be coming on Saturday (19th) for a week. They are coming with my friends, The Crews under Global Action Missions. The group will be coming from Lafayette, Louisiana and we will be doing evangelism and VBS in a village about 45 minutes out of Siguatepeque. The village is fairly large but has not been evangelized and so they need to hear the wonderful news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We expect as many as 300 in VBS so it will be a tiring week but very worthwhile. Thanks for praying for our safety, that many will come to Christ and that we will be able to do exactly what God has for us to do that week. We still need two more translators as well so pray for that and also that my leg will not hurt so that I will be able to do the door-to-door evangelism with this group. Thanks for remembering us all next week.

I wish all of you a very HAPPY EASTER — wow — what a hope we have because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ — I am amazed again and again at the victory that is available to all of us — even over death!!

I love you all and thank you for your faitfulness in prayer for me continually. I am soooo blessed to have each of you as a very important part of this ministry. Thanks.