Hey Y’all,

I sure thank you for all the prayers for me. There has been no infection and I hope you will continue to pray. I got the stitches out on Wednesday and am supposed to see the doctor again tomorrow morning (Saturday). The wound is still very bad and a lot of open places are still seeping and it is still VERY painful. The doctor is using every precaution to make sure I don’t get infection and he is very concerned about this wound. He said the only bite worse than this was one received by a woman from a PIG! can you imagine that? He is amazed at how deep my wound was though so keep praying.

Another BIG prayer request is that my mom was just diagnosed with endometriotic cancer and she is scheduled for a full hysterectomy in two weeks. I KNOW that God is able to heal and I expect that He is planning to do that so just please join me in prayer for her complete healing and that when they operate on her, they will find there is NO cancer there anymore!! Please pray for my daddy too as he is having an especially hard time with this. My parents have NEVER been sick in their lives so this is hard to handle and very unexpected. So thanks for your faithfulness in praying.

On a happier note — our little Fernando (age 2 1/2) is doing great. He is so precious and is learning to obey so quickly and he is soooo happy all the time. We play all day long with him and he really wears us all out at times. His favorite thing is a balloon. We played over 5 hours with it yesterday — hhitting it back and forth in the air. This sure is a cheap way to keep him entertained. I think you will be able to see his picture on the web site very soon.

Marinita went back home to her family yesterday and that is best for right now, I guess. She really didn’t want to return but her family is at least a Christian family and they can provide for her so she is not needy as the other children who will be coming to live here. Rosy told me that there is another 5-year old girl in Esperanza (near Jocon) who will be coming to live with me in about 2 weeks. A 5-year old boy, Mario, will be coming over Easter week. Also, Tito Alexander (age 2 1/2) will be here next week to live too. His mom is 15 and she is coming to work with us as well. The other little boy, Jose, will come as soon as he is weened and Rosy will be checking on him in the next two weeks to see when he will be ready to move here as well. I really am enjoying getting them a few at a time as we are able to really make a relationship with them one at a time more easily than if they all came at once. Since I am still not well enough too, I can see God’s protection in not sending a house full at the beginning — whew, that would be overwhelming right now!!

We let the workers go for right now. We are going to save all the money that comes in during the next few months for finishing the well (maybe as much as $3,000) — then afterthat is finished we will go on to working on the completion of the second house. Thanks for praying for the funds to come in quickly and that we will be able to find the right person who is willing to finish the well for us. I know y’all will be as happy as I am to have that one behind us!!

Well, again thank you for your prayers for me. I can’t even tell you how many people wrote me that their whole churches had been praying. I am so blessed to have you all behind me.

I love you all and thank God ALWAYS for you,