Hey everyone!!

Thanks for all your prayers. I have had a very hard week but God is always good and helps me get through each hard thing.

I wanted to write to you all about the time in Jocon and the children. It didn’t turn out as I planned but better because it is the plan of God and that is always perfect. We only ended up bringing one 2-year old boy back at this time. His name is Fernando and he is doing great. We had planned to pick up 5 others that last morning and the papers were prepared at the lawyers’ office et.c The mother that is planningto send her 3 children had an emergency the night before with her sister’s face being paralyzed. She had to get on a bus quickly and take her to a city 6 hours north to get help. There fore, she was not there to sign the papers. She will hopefully be bringing them to Destino on a bus soon herself and that way will be able to see the home for herself. Another lady was sending her 2 children and that morning changed her mind. My friend, Rosy talked to her since that time and she is now planning to send them in a few months. Another little boy will be sent to us as soon as he is finished nursing and is weened. He is a doll and his mother is a deaf mute and cannot work or provide for him. She is very eager to let us help her with him. Another boy (age 5) is coming with his mother after Easter to see if they will leave him here. I see God’s perfection in His timing and it is so much better to get one at a time adjusted to living here and then we will add some more. Marinita has also returned for a few weeks and as her mother adjusts to her being gone, I think she will be living here permanently. We have a great time with the two here and they have a great time together too. I will send some new pictures to the web site soon so y’all can see how precious they are. Please be praying for them much though in the meantime and also for those that are coming soon. God is obviously doing this HIS way and I must have been off on my timing in some way. But I know He will do it right and will send those that He has built this home for soon.

Yesterday was the scariest day I can remember in my entire life. I had gone to Comayagua to drop off my parents and the Bargerons to return to the States and came back to see my friend, Ginger (another missionary) to pray together a little as I had been discouraged and tired. I have visited her home many times and her dogs have been lose before and never even scared me. Her HUGE dog, Goliath, (without barking or giving any warning) chomped into my leg. It was horrible and I crawled into the house as Ginger called him back and locked him up. We couldn’t believe what damage he had done to my leg. I could see my flip-flop was full of blood and there were pieces of my own flesh on my shoes. I couldn’t look any closer and never did. Ginger’s husband, Jimmy, came home just in time to rush me to the clinic and it was so traumatic. I was such a baby screaming as they injected the medicine in me to deaden my skin to put in stitches. I could not quit screaming and shaking. That is the most terrified I have ever been in my life. I kept dreaming about it through the night last night and my pastor and Sandra came and prayed over me about the fear. I cannot walk on my leg at this point and have to stay in bed and have 5 days of injections of antibiotics as well as takin another antibiotic by mouth and pain killers. The doctor really scared me when he looked at my leg because he was going on about how awful it was. He usually likes to keep them open but there was such a mangled mess that he had to take a lot of stitches and is concerned to keep it clean and without infection. Anyway, I took some time to write all of you tonight so you can be praying for me. I am in a lot of pain and I can’t keep it from bleeding when I limp even as far as the bathroom. Please pray for quick healing and the pain to stop and also the terror. I know God has protected me from it being even worse as he did not bite into my bone or the muscle. I wanted to let you all know what is going on bcause I have not answered a lot of your emails and can’t seem to do it right now. I will try to catch up with everyone very soon. Another hard thing this week is that my computer is broken and I need to find a way to get it back to the USA to send to Toshiba. It is still under warranty but has never worked right and has been sent in many times. I wish you would pray for me to work out something for another computer. I am using my account on Hollly’s computer and am so thankful she was willingto let me do that so I won’t lose contact with everyone while we are getting mine sent in. Thanks for your prayers. I need them DESPERATELY right now. Pray for the funds to continue in as we are trying to build the water tower for the tanks and also to find someone to come and finish up the well. It may cost as much as $3,000 to finish it out but we know the water is down there. Just pray for patience in my part —

Thanks again for being there in your prayers for me — I am counting on them right now in this very hard and painful time. Bety and Moncho will send this out tomorrow (Thursday) as I cannot get out of bed yet. I will try to catch up on answering all of your emails by early next week. Thanks for your love and prayers.