Hey Ya’ll,

We are giving thanks to God for a wonderful week with the Bryan College people. They have been such precious servants and accomplished so much for the kingdom this week. They finished painting the entire outside of the house (huge project), built a solid outhouse, painted the inside of the church and separated TONS of children’s clothes into size/sex bags and we can now distribute it much more easily. They have taken so much burden off of me and have really encouraged me personally too. It has been such a joy to have such a godly group of students here. I hate to see them go tomorrow because I have grown so close to many of them. God continues to bless me with so many who takethis ministry to their hearts and start becoming prayer partners with all of us in this. I think many will come back in the future and help in other ways too. God kept them all safe and we had one accident that really scared me but there were no broken bones, Praise God for that. Christina had offered to paint on the top of the house and suddenly the ladder just slid down the house most of the way and so she fell about 4 feet and twisted her wrist. I don’t know how the ladder slid that far without falling but we are so thankful that she is doing great. I was telling her a story about the angel that protected me in San Pedro Sul while she was painting, and I guess another angel must have been present to keep her from being hurt worse.

We also are so thankful because our web site is up now. There are a few things to be corrected but it is getting there. If you want to see it go towww.destinodelreino.org I think Bob Winslow did a wonderful job and now people can even donate on line if they desire and not have to send the envelopes to the post office box anymore. God is continuing to bless in soooo many ways. Please pray for Judy Cybart as she has offered to be our person that keeps the site updated with new prayer requests, news and pictures. She is a brave woman — I wouldn’t know how to start at that so just pray that she will learn quickly and enjoy it at the same time. Thanks, Judy for being such a servant.

Another wonderful thing to praise God for is that last Saturday night (our 2nd church service) five more men came that had not attended the week before. All five of them accepted Jesus into their lives that night. One of the men was the father of 5 of our Sunday School kids and his wife also had already accepted Christ with her children in July and August — so now that family is complete — keep praying for them all. Another man that received Christ was the grandfather of Edgar (age 9) and his grandmother accepted Jesus the week before in the first service we had. All of the neighbors are sooo excited about having their own worship service and we are being so blessed. Tonight the Bryan College group will sing some songs in English and then I will teach the same songs to the church in Spanish. It will be a great time together, I know.

My parents and the Bargerons will be here on Tuesday and we will be leaving for Jocon on Wednesday for 3 days to gather up some children to bring back here to live at Destino. Please be praying those entire 3 days for us. This is a VERY IMPORTANT TIME for us — pray for safety as we are in a more dangerous part of Honduras, pray for God to show us exactly which children will need to come with us, pray for peace for the mothers and children in this separation, pray for things to go smoothly with the lawyer as we get the mothers’ signatures on the permission papers. I am really counting on all your prayers during those days — it is desperately needed!!

I can’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t know all of you were back there praying me through so many situations — I am so amazed at all His provisions in every way but I know it is a direct answer to all of your prayers.

Another amazing thing happened this week. Out of the blue (??) a man came to the door. He is in charge of a solar project out of Finland and they are bringing it to our area and offering it to us and our nearest village. We pay about $50 one time and we will have a solar plant out this way that we can use indefinitely and it is guaranteed for 20 years. We will have about 5 to 10 lights all the time we can use — that will save us a lot of candles and lantern oil. Moncho also found out that the same people have a WELL PROJECT and so he is going to talk to them about finishing up our well for us — keep praying for that too please. In the meantime, God has helped us wiith our water problem while we are waiting for the finishing of the well. The firemen offered to come out and fill up our pila and barrels, etc. anytime we need them too. We just pay for their gas to bring their truck out here. I think we will need them to come about once a week but we don’t have to wonder if we are using too much water each day anymore. YEAH — God is continuing to amaze me every day with all His blessings.

Thanks for your prayers for me personally too — I am still growing and need to do some more of course– I want to be so humble in everything I do and with these precious people. I need to be teachable and yet know when I need to lay down some rules too. That I will be in control without being controlling. That I will love unconditionally with the compassion of Jesus Christ. Thanks for those prayers.

Keep letting me know how to be praying for each of you too. I love being a part of your lives as well.

Love in His AMAZING grace,