Hey Everyone,

I am so brokenhearted tonight and want to share a big prayer request (although want to keep it general for protection of Carlos). Carlos has had to resign as our pastor and Sunday School teacher as he has sinned in a public way. He is completely repentent and has the forgiveness of his family and me but this is a VERY hard time for all of us. There are some other complications too and we need prayer — but God knows each of those problems without me sharing them so just pray fervently for us. Carlos will be meeting with Pastor Cesar weekly for accountability and more discipleship and he will continue as our construction manager and helper with groups, etc. He will continue to attend our church and we are talking to another retired pastor about coming to help us at Destino. The church does not yet know and I ask for your prayers for us as Carlos repents to them and that they will not fall away in disappointment with Carlos. He is the kind of person that people put their eyes on and follow and so many could be very disheartened in this situation. Please pray for me. I am so sad and hurt for all that Carlos is going through and for others involved and we need lots of prayer. I know I can count on all of you during this hard time and that is why I am sharing this news with you. Thanks so much and we know that God is always the victor in every situation and will bring Carlos out of this in the years to come, stronger than ever in his faith and walk with Christ.

Love you all so much and am counting continually on your faithful prayers. I will not send another update out this week most likely but if you would like to talk to me on the phone during my stay in the States (Sept. 25 – Oct. 9). I will try to call many of you if I am able. This is a touchy time to be leaving and I am uncomfortable with it but know God will provide for all of us and I cannot change these dates because of my passport requirements. So pray.

Thanks SOOOO much,