Hey Everyone,

Thank you SO much for your many prayers for me while I was in the USA for 2 weeks. Actually, it was just 12 days that I was actually there and the time was so crammed with things to do and people to see. I apologize to those of you who I did not see or even speak to on the phone. That is by no means an indication of my love for you but I just could not do all that was demanded of me. I am so worn out from being in the States – I don’t know how all of you survive on that fast lane like you do. I don’t think I could last a month there!! I was so happy to get back to my front porch with my children and just sit and play with them for hours again. They were so happy to have me back and the feeling was definitely mutual. They did okay without me of course but things never get done the way we want to when we have to leave our responsibilities to others. Thank the Lord though, that they are all basically healthy again and the chicken pox is OVER!!! Yeah!! Please pray though for the sores they have still. Eidy has sores all over her little hands and I started her on an antibiotic and they seem to be clearing up. That is such a discouraging thing for me though — to not know how to get rid of these sores completely. Please pray for wisdom for me and for healing for the kids. They are like big boils and they are very painful. Right now, Cesar has one on his foot and one on his hand. Blanca has one on her knee. Cokey has one on her side and just finished one on her cheek. Jonatan has one on his leg. As you can see this is a BIG problem for us!! Thanks for your prayers.

There were so many new opportunities while I was in the States this time and I was able to share the ministry with many more people who are not committed to praying for us as well. God has given me such a wonderful prayer team behind this ministry and that is exactly why God is accomplishing such wonderful things here in Honduras. Pray for those that are considering bringing groups — that they will know what it is that God wants them to do here and when the best timing is. I am so thankful for the willing people to come and help us with the needs of the ministry here.

Please be praying still for our church and new believers in this area. While I was away, they did not have a church service because Orlando kept being called away to help drive the church bus for Pastor Cesar. I am going to be talking to them this week and explaining that we need a pastor that will be here regularly. This was so upsetting to me and is bad for the church here. Please pray that we will be able to work this all out soon.

I have WONDERFUL news for all of you who have been praying so faithfully for a bus. God has miraculously provided all the rest of the money we need to purchase a bus here in Honduras. We will be able to do that once the check has been put in the bank and we will be looking in Tegucigalpa for a very good one. We were provided enough money to get a really great bus and not just a mediocre one — praise God — He always does things BEST!! Please pray for the person who donated the money — that would bless them GREATLY for their great sacrifice. They gave the money when they could easily have used it for their own needs but felt that God had provided it to them for the bus — what a great testimony of faith on their part. I am so excited about being able to bring all those children in for Sunday School. Thanks for your prayers and now please pray for us to be able to find the right bus — thanks so much for your faithfulness in praying.

The porch is finished on the second house and we only lack the painting and a few other details. They will be putting in the windows this next week and the doors are being made by a carpenter. I believe that it will be ready by early December. Please pray for the right houseparents to come and live in that house. God knows who they are and if you are them and are reading this — OBEY — ha ha.

I had thought a young lady from the University of Georgia was coming here to teach English beginnin in February but it will not work out for her schedule. Please pray for us to find someone that is willing to come and teach English here. We can give them their own living space and will be so happy to be able to offer English to my older children as well as the workers and neighbors. We’ll be waiting on God to send the right person to us though.

Please continue to pray for the girls’ home that I mentioned to you a few letters back. They need to move those 17 girls into a new home and the director of the Shepherds’ Hands is praying about maybe using some land near us and we can be of help to them in that way. I know that God wants Destino to help these girls but just don’t know exactly in what way.

God is up to some wonderful things and I am excited about all the g roups that are lining up for this next year. Pray for much wisdom for us in where to use these people and that we will accomplish only what God has for us to do and nothing more or nothing less. I would like to go to all the villages that we are targeting with more evangelism and also another VBS for each school. We are also bringing in several medical groups and that is a great blessing to the poor here in Honduras.

On Saturday the group will be arriving to put in the electricity. Please continue to pray for us all this week. The engineer here made a mistake and now we have to pay extra money to dig more holes and change the locations of some of the poles. We will be done in time but it will take some working late to get it done. We are upset about this and the engineer may help us pay the extra labor fees since this was his fault. Pray for the men that are coming sacrifically to help us put in the wires for the electricity from Houston. They have been in Florida for weeks, working 7 days a week and long hours to help in the aftermath of the hurricanes there. And yet they are eager and willing to come and help us here in Honduras. Two of the men will actually return from Florida on the Saturday and repack their things and come here on Monday — what great hearts they have to help and I know God will bless them all greatly.

We had some disappointing news about the road repairs. Carlos talked to the military men here and they said it will take 8 days to repair and about $2,000 – Carlos told them that that was not helping us because it was a big price and they had told us that it would only cost the food for the workers and gas for the machines. We will hold off on that and I will try to talk to one of the officers again and get it cleared up. We may have to just keep the road as it is because it is too much money to spend for those repairs.

We have been back to frontier life since I returned. The generator broke again and therefore we could not pump water from the well — so the firemen have been coming out every few days and giving us water and we have been back to using candles and flashlights at night. It is always nice to remember how spoiled we have become though and we will be very appreciative once we have permanent electricity here!! We found a second-hand generator today and won’t have to suffer too much the next few weeks without lights. It is not strong enough to pump the water though so the firemen may have to come for a few more weeks and help us with that. Thanks for your prayers for patience and endurance. The kids, of course, are happy all the time and don’t seem to know we have any hardships. They are so cute and full of joy. I am so blessed to be caring for all of them.

We may be getting two newborns in the next month. It is good timing though because Marta will be out of school and she LOVES babies. When she starts her next school year in February, we may decide to hire Loani (the Sunday School teacher) to stay here full-time and help. She is so great with the kids and loves them already.

Carlos and Wendi are doing very well and God is teaching us all so much through the hard things we have been through lately. He is faithful and will continue a great work in Carlos. Please continue to pray for him daily.

Also keep praying for our safety here. We have killed a big scorpion and a coral snake in the past two days —

Well, I guess I better close this and go get the van-load of kids from school right now. We have been learning Bible verses in the van as we ride to and from school and they are all such quick learners. My little ones are even learning the verses — their minds are so quick — it is amazing!!

Thanks for your many prayers for me. I have been a little discouraged and ask for prayer for me personally. I know that we are continually under attack by Satan — especially with all the new believers being taught and trained here — so we need to keep under the protection of much prayer. Thanks.