Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving on Thursday (24th) for the USA. I will be a few days in Atlanta until Sunday (27th) and until Friday morning (1st) I will be in Augusta at my parents’ house (864) 333-5396. I don’t think I will have a lot of time to see everyone this trip but at least we could talk on the phone if you want to call me. I need to rest up and get back here quickly in time for more groups traveling and working at Destino this summer. We are really busy and need a LOT of prayer for strength.

Also please be praying about our organizational papers STILL. We finally confronted the lawyer and he was embarrased. In four years, he has done absolutely nothing. We demanded photocopies of all his file folder on Destino and he was very cooperative. Amazingly, in the folder were originals of other people’s official papers etc. So we are not the only ones that are suffering because of his irresponsibility and disorganization. We are going back to get the originals this week and looking for another attorney to finish up this work. Please pray taht we can get it done SOON!! He has lost several papers that we will now have to re-create and that is a hassle but basically we are not that far from having things in order and just need a reliable attorney. I wish there were a Bar Association here so we could submit a grievance!! ha. Our biggest concern in all of this is for the school. We don’t want the kids to lose this year’s credit if we are too late getting our papers in. Thanks for praying.

Speaking of schools, I found out recently that the already-not-so-great school system is going down hill rapidly. There are a LOT of schools right now without teachers and the kids just go sit in the classrooms (since February) every day because their parents think they will get credit for being there but that is not the case. Then we found out this week that many of the school teachers who have been teaching did not receive their salaries (again) from the government and they are quitting. It makes me more thankful than ever that God has provided school at Destino where these children can be assured of receiving the education they need. Please pray for the new president (in November) to have a concern for the failing education system in Honduras.

We are getting another group here today but I am not as responsible for this group as Pad O’Neil is bringing them and he has beena missionary in Honduras for years. That will take a lot of burden off of me. He is bringing some men here to work on the various projects for a week.

The third house is getting its start right now with the preparation of the foundation. It is a lot of work but we thankfully have a cement mixer now and it is going faster than it would have. We will actually be building the medical/dental clinic first because it is the ground floor and has to be completed first. Then we will build the upper level for the third house of children. We have hired a lot of new men and Carlos has devotions with them early in the morning and is pleased at their response to the prayer time. Pray for the men to be touched by the Spirit of God while they are working in this place and that they will begin to have a real hunger for Him!!

Continue to pray about the building of the school. We are getting the third house up but the biggest priority of the year is the school and there will be MUCH to do. We are waiting to hear about the funding and know that God will provide it just in time.

Please pray for the children and all the projects, etc. while I am gone. I really want to be able to rest in God’s protection of them. I have a young man here, Zac, for the summer and he is so responsible and good with the children. I will also have a couple from Georgia, David and April Weber, as well as Mirna (Blanca, Cesar and Jonathan’s mom) so the place should be well covered with loving protection and care. Thanks for your prayers for my time in the states and that I will get a little much-needed rest and recuperation.

Love to all of you and thanks again for your faithfulness in prayer — that is why this is such a blessed place.

Love in His Grace,