Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for praying for us this past week. We had a group from Georgia, Colorado and Texas all here together and God did mighty things in our midst!!

We concentrated most of our time on the village of El Socorro. I had mentioned to you before to be praying for that village because there was a lot of gang activity and we were asking God to give us the village for His glory and that we would see great changes there.

We did a medical brigade the first two days and quite a few children and adults came to know the Lord through the puppet show and as they were dealt with individually when they went through the medical team and pharmacy.

On Sunday the group had a great time with helping in our Sunday School (over 150 here that day) and then went on to the waterfalls for the afternoon.

Monday we started the door-to-door evangelism in El Socorro. I had a team of 3 with me and we were able to lead 17 people to Christ that day. The most amazing thing to me was how many of them were young men in their early 20’s — that was the exact group of people I had been praying for in El Socorro. We had several others come to Christ that day with the other teams as well.

On Tuesday we had a medical brigade in the middle of the shacks where most of our school children live. We only provided this ministsry to the families of the students of Destino del Reino. We were able to distribute two outfits of clothing to each child as well as shoes. The best part of that day to me was that two of our mothers prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their savior that day.

Also on Monday and Tuesday we were able to have some men put a new roof on a mud hut that one of our school families live in. They bought them a new tin roof and put up the supports for it, as well as wrapping another part with a plastic tarp to keep out the moisture. They are so very poor but so precious and humble. They will have two more little girls in our school next year (pre-K and one i kindergarten as well).

On Wednesday we were able to do more evangelism and many more came to Christ. While we were doing the evangelism we were also inviting everyone to a service at Destino on Thursday night and they all were very interested in coming.

On Thursday morning we headed to the prison. There were 4 new women in the prison since I was there in April. Three of those received Jesus Christ as their savior on Thursday and the other one is still considering the decision. Two others that were already there in April prayed to receive Jesus in their lives on Thursday as well. We had a WONDERFUL time with the women and my sister shared the Bible study on the “lies women believe”. These women are so desperate to just be prayed for and they kind of melt in your arms when you hold them. I cannot wait to return to minister to them in July with the group from West Acres.

The men had a great time as well. Phillip Knox shared a message along the same line about freedom in Christ and how many are in more bondage outside of prison than those that know Jesus and live in the prison. Bondage in your soul is much worse than being imprisoned bodily. Carlos said that when he was there in April there were 80 men in the prison and now there are 191. I would like you to pray for one man specifically. I don’t know his name but Carlos said he had a desire to know Jesus Christ but said he just could not receive the grace of God when he had killed his entire family. Please pray that during this month before we return in July, the Spirit of God will touch his heart and show him the mercy of God that will forgive WHATEVER sin we have committed. He feels too unworthy to receive the free gift of the grace of Jesus Christ. We are planning to spend an entire day at the prison on July 13th and would appreciate your prayers for that day. Carlos and the men from the USA will be there to do some personal evangelism. Usually when we go, we do not have enough time to talk individually with the men so they just have a service and those that are interested come in to hear the preaching. We want to have some longer time to meet the men individually and share Christ with them and I am so excited for this opportunity in July. We wil be doing a medical brigade there that day as well and can have the whole day to really minister to all their needs.

We got back on Thursday afternoon and prepared the pavillion for the service. It was so exciting to see all the people get off the bus. There were at least 50 new people. We had a children’s meeting in the church below the house and they had LOTS of kids there so the pavillion was mostly older children and adults. What amazed me the most was there were about 3 rows filled with young men that had never come before (probably about 20) and please pray that they will continue to come and hear more about Jesus Christ. One young man that I had shared Christ with is Andres and I would like for you to continue to pray for him. He told me on Monday that he wanted to think more on his decision but he came on Thursday night. He still did not receive Christ but he is really battling the decision. He is 19 years old.

There are too many people to tell you about but I would apprecicate your prayers for the people of El Socorro in general. We wil continue ministering and evangelizing there and discipling them as they come to church at Destino. They almost all knew about the bus from Destino that passes through their village on Monday and Thursday nights and also on Sunday mornings, so everyone knows they can just hop on the bus and come here. Please pray for a desire to come and hear more about the love of Jesus.

I am so grateful for all those that came this week and helped us and thank you for your prayers that were so clearly answered in a big way this week.

Pray for the kids too. A fever/stomach ache virus is passing through the house and we are already exhausted so it is hard to endure.

Thanks for all your prayers and love for us at Destino. There is so much to share but this is already too long so I’ll stop for now.

Love in His grace,