Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the constant faithful prayers for all of us here at Destino del Reino.

We are already so busy and the summer has hardly gotten started. Please remember us continually that we will not be overwhelmed and will just enjoy each new day (and new group) as they come.

Right after I wrote my last update (thinking that the third house may not be God’s plan for this year), we got word that West Acres is paying for $21,000 or so of the house and that Trinity on the Hill is considering paying the remaining $8,500 or so. I guess this was God’s plan after all. We are right now getting the tractor out to the land to start leveling the place for the third house and will be beginning on the foundation this week. Pray please for good weather because we do not have any days to spare to have the whole foundation in before the group comes on July 10th to put the walls and roof up. I am so amazed at what all God is accomplishing here and so FAST!! We will have so much going on this year with the third house and the school being built with a lot of months overlapping on the construction so we will really need to be organized. We have to hire a lot more workers too so please be praying for us for wisdom in this. Carlos and I want to be disciplining (or leading to Christ) all our workers as they become a part of Destino del Reino so it really is important WHO we hire to work for us. We started having a morning devotion and prayer time with all the workers every morning and it is such a precious time of prayer together. These people are so humble and teachable and they are all growing in their relationships with Jesus Christ through working here and that is our heart’s desire.

The kids are all doing great and enjoying the “gringos” as they are beginning to come to see us. My niece, Hannah, and her husband and a friend of theirs are here this week. They have been so great with the kids. One of the best things they wanted to do was to surprise Wendy and Carlos and give them a really neat date night. So we kept the kids and they paid for them to go out to a great restaurant and spend a lot of time alone. When I told Carlos what we were going to do that night, he started to cry and said ‘How great is God.” He had just the day before prayed that he could figure out a way to take her out alone for some quality time and was going to ask me if I could watch the kids. The greatest part for us though was that Hannah’s husband, Leslie, is a hair stylist professionally and Hannah loves to do make-overs so we took Wendy to my house and he cut and styled her hair, Hannah fixed her face and also gave her a beautiful new outfit and she was GORGEOUS — Carlos was so surprised when he picked her up at my house like a real date. it was so great. Thanks for praying for them too — God is doing great things with them and through them at Destino del Reino.

We have been having great church services with so many more people coming each week. Many of the new people are from El Socorro (where we plan to do evangelism all summer with our groups). Last week 12 people accepted Christ after the church service. These people are so hungry to know the Lord Jesus and to learn His word. Pray for Carlos as he is preparing his messages. He realized recently that the people don’t really know doctrine (evne those that have been believers for a while.. So he is starting a series on “Who is God?” and talking about the names of God. We are starting to use our Monday night meetings for more prayer and if they people understand more of who their God is, they can adore and worship Him better in prayer.

Thanks for praying for our health here. Mostly everyone is over the deep cough and colds we have had. I still have one more boil under my arm but everything else is clearing up. Thanks so much for the faithful prayers for us in this area. We (and especially me) need to feel good in the next few BUSY months. We have at least one group coming in each month and usually two a month throughout the year as well as many volunteers staying for a month at a time — pray for wisdom as to how God wants us to best use all these talented people coming to help.

Thanks for continuing to pray for the village of El Socorro — I believe we will have a lot of resistence from spiritual forces when we start entering into that territory with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Please be covering us continually in prayer for this time of evangelism.

I will give you a little line about each of the kids to keep you a little updated on them:

Eduard will be 15 next week and is getting more handsome every day. He is such a great help to me (and Carlos) and is learning so many skills to help us around the house.

Erick has a girl friend named Keily at school — of course I had to find out about that through the grapevine. He is such a cutie and so obedient and helpful always.

Blanca is learning so much English and using it (which really makes the difference in her learning). She lost her first tooth today and was terrified — it didn’t hurt but just scared her.

Fernando still has the best giggle in the world. He is so much more obedient and absolutely LOVES baby Sammy — I can hardly keep him away long enough to let Sammy take his bottle.

Carlitos will be 5 in another 2 weeks. He is still very independent but doing better getting along wit h the other kids now.

Eidy is still Eidy and a real pistol but such a precious girl too. She is so smart and when I take the time to really talk to her more, she does better with obedience. She really wants to start school next year and that is the motive for working on being more obedient — I told her I could not send her to a teacher if she couldn’t learn to listen and obey. That got her attention quick.

Cesar is such an athlete and is very obedient most of the time. He is so easy to work with and I am so thankful for his sweet attitude.

Cokie is starting to get potty-trained and we all applaud each time she uses the toilet. She is so proud of herself. We haven’t moved on to using her panties yet because she isn’t very consistent so far but certainly has the desire to do this.

Jonathan is so grown up and getting bigger every day. He is a lot like Fernando in that he tries to use his weight to take away toys from the other kids. — but most of the time he is a little peaceful child and his dimples make me laugh — what a doll!

Josue is really adjusting now and smiles a lot. He is working on obedience — he likes to hit the other kids and even bit Cesar’s nose the other night but I think that he has had a habit of having to protect himself in the past. He is so happy though with us and is talking more each day.

Sammy is a doll baby and getting so big. His smile is HUGE and fills up his whole face — we are all crazy about him.

I love all of you and thank you so much for your prayers for these precious children. They are so special and God is going to use them in tremendous ways in the future to further His kingdom in the world. Thanks for remembering them in prayer.

Love to all of you and can’t wait to see many of you in the months ahead.

Love in His grace,