I am on my way to the US this morning.  My sister had an aneurysm and
right now the doctors have said she has a 50-50 chance of living and
even after that only a 20% chance of being her normal self again.  But
God is bigger than that.  I will be at my parents’ house for this
week.  Carlos is going with me so that I don’t have to travel this way
alone — thank God for his visa.  Someone got our tickets with
frequent flyer miles so that was taken care of.  We will be at my
parents’ home until the 18th (if we can’t get back any sooner — the
flights are pretty full for Christmas time).  Their number is
706-731-5216.  Please be praying for Dana’s recovery and for her 7
kids and all the family that is hurting right now.  I will try to send
out an update on her and all of Destino this week.
In His love and MERCY,