Hey Everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving (yesterday).  I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am to the Lord for each of you and for your faithful prayers and support of Destino del Reino.  I am so amazed at all the friends that God has brought in our ministry in so many different ways — family, old friends, new friends, people in airports, people at stores, etc.  It is truly amazing how God is putting together such a base of prayer support for us through people all over the world.  I believe he has made our base so huge because, one day when we are finally starting sending out our children as missionaries into the uttermost parts of the world, some of you will be supporting them and the ministry will branch out in that way.  I can’t imagine it all yet but KNOW that God has promised that and given that vision and HE will DO IT!!
We just got back from the US and one afternoon at the missions conference in Georgia, Carlos and I entered the empty sanctuary where flags were hanging down from the balconies representing many countries around the world.  Carlos started pointing to one flag at a time and named one of our children as he pointed to each individual flag.  I got goosepimples, knowing he was right — God was going to do this and we just need to be faithful as we raise them up in the Word of God and prepare them for the ministry.  Thanks for being on the original prayer team that will one day become a worldwide prayer team.   I am so grateful for all of you and know that God is blessing you so much for your willingness to support us and encourage us.

As I said, Carlos and I were in Georgia for the first annual misisonary conference at West Acres for a week and then we stayed on another 6 days so that Carlos could have oral surgery and time to recover.  We had a great time and appreciate all that everyone did for us while we were there.  We got back last Saturday and hit the ground running.  I still have a 4-page list of things to do and meet with Carlos about in making the decisions.  Unfortunately Carlos cannot help me for a few days (ha).  The container we have prayed about has finally arrived and it included a huge playground set for the children with two-story cabin and a tunnel, etc.  and Carlos cannot do anything else until that thing is put up and working.  He said it is like a big puzzle and we have not seen much of him for the last 3 days.  I am trying to be patient to let all the other things be put off but just pray this gets done SOON! ha.

Everything went well while we were away.  Wendy is excellent at all the details here and she did a great job on handling bills and paying the workers and teachers, etc.  She is a much better administrator than me so I am so grateful for her help.  The kids were all safe but most had fevers and sore throats while I was away and I came back to 6 toddlers with high fevers.  Today only Alexander had a fever so I think we are about over that virus.  The weather is cold and rainy some days and then suddenly it is bright and sunny and warm — so we never know how to dress.   Cold weather here, though, usuually just lasts about 6 weeks so we’ll be in summer again by January.

Right before I left, the government people came and asked for my help.  They plan to close down two children’s homes (15 boys and girls in one and 16 girls in the other).   They want us to find the houseparents that could just take over these two homes.  Please pray urgently about this.  We have funding for one of the homes and have the promise of another missionary finding the funds for the other one and it would be a very simple matter to rent a big place for them in the meantime.  The biggest need (as it is so many times in missions) is PEOPLE!!!   Pray with us.  The children are being abused in these homes and they want us to take them under the name of Destino del Reino.  I cannot possibly administrate any more and neither can Carlos so that is why we need a couple to come that are mature and we could completely turn over all finances, administration and Christian guidance to them.  We are not under any obligation but I would love to help.  If this is not something God wants me to take on then  I will have to rest in that and pray for God to work out something else for these precious 31 children, but we are willing to take the steps that we know to take as we wait on the Lord for guidance.  Thanks for praying for us.

Praise God, I think we have most all of our sponsors for the school year finally.  It has been kind of slow getting goingg but God has provided all our needs anyway.   We started a new second grade teacher on Monday and she is wonderful and has the education and experience to move into directorship at some point.  We still need another third grade teacher if Carolina moves on.  If God doesn’t open up a door for her or another teacher is provided for us, then we will assume we are to continue as we are this year.  Please continue to pray for these things.

We will be getting a new baby in March, Lord-willing.  Abi’s mom is pregnant and had intended to have an abortion.  I talked to the aunt though and asked her to please talk to the mom and see if she wouldn’t have the baby and bring him or her to us immediatley so that Abi could have a sister or brother.  Amazingly, she listened and decided to do just that.  So pray for the baby’s health and that we can get him or her immediately after birth.  Abi was very mistreated and the mother had already given away another baby before Abi.  I have not met the mother yet either so am praying for a chance to share Christ with her when she comes at some point.

Praise God too for the container finally getting out of the port.  As you know, it was in Texas for some time because they wouldn’t ship because of the hurricanes in the Carriabean, then it was accidently shipped to Guatemala, then it took several weeks toget that straightened out, then Carlos went 3 days to Puerta Cortez to get it out and there were always complications.  We finally left for 13 days in the US and when we came back it was still at the port.  He got it on Tuesday (about 4 months after we first expected it to come), but we are so thankful for all the things God provided for us.  We have computers now to start computer classes in the school and the tables for the cafeteria are beautiful, etc. etc.   Pray though now because they did not release the van that was in the container.  It is still in the port.  Please pray they will not charge us extra fines and charges for having it in limbo so long.  The lawyer is supposedly checking on this for us and we paid him plenty so he needs to come  through for us.  Thanks for praying for that.

Speaking of cars, please pray for God to provide a nother 4×4 pick-up.  The Ford is really having lots of trouble and it costs so much to have Ford’s fixed here that I am doubting that is worth continuing with it.  We have to have more than one pick-up (we have the Frontier still) because of the groups going up high into the mountains and also for us in the muddy times.  Thanks for helping us pray for this need as well.

We are expecting our first group on January 7 and after that we have one a month at least.  Pray for wisdom to know exactly where God would want each of these groups to minister and what projects are HIS priorities for Destino.

Thanks for your prayers for Carlos.  God provided a team of deliverance prayer warriors for him in the US and he came back a new man.   Pray for him as he walks in this new freedom and obedience in his daily life.  It is amazing that God can change things in us that are there from childhood and he can free us and heal us up in one day.  He is God and nothing is impossible with Him.  Satan has attacked so many times through this very difficult year, but now Satan has lost his strongholds in Carlos, and we rejoice and look forward to a future at Destino with VICTORY.  We are not foolish to think Satan will stop his attacks, but at least they will be from outside and not from within anymore.

We both need continual prayer to not let the urgent things crowd out the priority of time with the Lord personally every day.  There are a million things that can happen at Destino and they steal our time and Carlos and I both need discipline to guard that time with all our might and not let our days pass walking in our own strength.  Please make this a top priority in your prayers for us.  We have to hear from the Spirit and know His will or we are “building the house in vain.”

We love all of you and thank you again for your encouragement to us.
In His grace,