Hey Everyone,

As always, we have a lot of prayer requests for you to bring before the Father on behalf of Destino del Reino — but we praise God that you are part of this team and your faithful prayers are accomplishing much for the kingdom of God!!

The school is going along well in spite of the fact that we still have not found the teachers we were looking for.  Please keep praying about that.  There is a Christian school near us that is supposedly not going to have the funds to make it after December and I keep wondering if God is holding off on us because we will need to provide a job for a few of those teachers.   The missionary that was going to teach our older children English is also not going to follow through because of too many obligations in her ministry.  So we now also need an English teacher — please pray.  I am so thankful for the teachers we do have and the children are getting a good education every day in spite of the fact that we are short-handed.  We had three different teachers actually sign contracts and plan to come the next week and they didn’t come.  I know that God is just keeping us from the wrong people and HE will do it in His timing and perfection.  Thanks for your prayers.

We also still need some more sponsors for children (especially in the 4-K class).  Zac is doing a wonderful job on the web site and with the sponsorships.  He has put all the pictures of the children who still need sponsors and if anyone is interested in sponsoring one of the children, they can actually pick them out on the web site.  Thanks, Zac, for all you do for Destino.  Thanks to those of you too that are the “room mothers” and are sending out the photos of the students to their sponsors.  There are so many of you behind the scenes working to benefit the school of Destino.  Thanks soooooo much.

We need a LOT OF PRAYER for the container that was sent from Texas.  It was sent to Guatemala instead of Honduras and 10 days ago they told us that we would have to come up with $1,900 to have it brought to Honduras.  However, the company agreed the mistake was theirs and they will send it from Guatemala to Honduras with no charge to us — but we are still waiting.  I am thinking the Lord is just holding it off until he puts it on someone’s heart to send us the money it wil cost for the taxes.  His ways are perfect and if the container came this last week, we would not have had the taxes for us.  Just pray with us for the right timing and the moneyto pay the taxes when it does come.  Thanks so much.

Carlos and I will be leaving for the US on the 4th and returning on the 17th of November.   Please be praying for us as there is much to do and we want to be available to be used by the Lord in whatever way he would have for us.  We will be in the missions conference at West Acres for 4 days and then there will be other appointments to share about the ministry of Destino.  Please pray for us to be where GOD wants us during this time and pray for the missions conference to touch many hearts for the evangelization (and discipleship) of those in other parts of the world.

The kids are all doing well except for colds.  It has been raining and been chilly a lot of days lately and living in a cement house doesn’t help us keep very warm.  Pray for Erick as we need to decide where to transfer him in school next year.  We had him in a private Christian school but he felt so alone there and his grades suffered and I just don’t think I made the right choice for him.  We are thinking of putting him in the tech school where Eduard is and see if he does better this next year.   Those two teenage boys are so incredible and please pray for them as they are seeking to follow the Lord and this is such a critical age for them.  Carlos spends lots of time alone with them and is training them and giving them a chance to talk about their feelings, etc. so pray for him especially too.

Keep on praying for the finances.  We barely make it from week to week — but we DO MAKE IT and that is God’ s faithfulness to us.  We would like to finish up the cafeteria and we would need about $1,000 for the outside windows, $700 for the finishing up of the courtyard in front of the cafeteria with rock work, and we need to pay the carpenter who is doing all the windows internally and the wood doors about $2,500 and then we will be finished.  I just want to get it done but we are waiting on God’s timing and his providing.   Thanks for praying for this for us though.  We let all our construction workers go until we know that there is enough to finish up some of this work.  That has helped us financially for the time being.

Pray for WISDOM for us from day to day.  You couldn’t imagine how many decisions we have to make continually about the school, finances, children, children’s workers, church, ministries to villages, group plans, etc. etc.  We just want to do GOD’s plans and not ours so please pray continually for us to hear from Him and know His will and make decisions that are HIS wisdom not our own reasoning.  Thanks so much.

I praise God for all of your prayers for us.  I know you all have so many things to pray for yourselves and I will be happy to pray with you about your needs — it is only fair for me to help bear your burdens as well, so just write and let me know how to be praying for you.  Prayer is the power that changes everything.  I believe in that more than I ever did before — God is faithful and he promises to answer us when we call out to Him and pray according to His will.  Thanks for your prayers for us — we sure need them.

Love in His grace,