Hey Everyone,

Just a quick note to tell you that CARLOS GOT HIS PERMISSION to come to the United States.  The biggest surprise though was that we were seeking a 2-week permission for the missions conference in Augusta, but we prayed that God would give us favor with the Ambassador’s representative.  Carlos got favor —- He was given 10 YEARS OF PERMISSION!!!!  We just couldn’t believe it.   People that have been deported for sneaking into the US before almost never get permission at all.  Then they need to wait usually 10 years to even seek permission.  Even people who have never been deported don’t normally get more than a 5-year visa — this is soooooooo amazing and ONLY GOD could do it.   The lady loved his testimony that he shares with people that he tried to escape to the US and find his dreams, but when he met Christ in the jail in the US, he came back to Honduras and God has blessed him in his own country far beyond his biggest dreams — great ministry, home family, etc. etc.  She was so impressed and said that he could have 10 years if he would just keep sharing that testimony because so many people are trying to sneak into the US now and it is much more dangerous now for them.

Anyway, what this means is that from now on, we can just plan a trip to whatever state where church(es) want to hear about Destino and won’t have to seek permission again.  He is as free as me to fly now to the US.  We just need to start praying for people to donate their air miles or find us buddy passes for the various trips.  We need to go to Texas in February or May so be praying for that to work out.   Thanks for your prayers for us.  God is going to use Carlos in a big way in the US now, as well as here in Honduras.  Pray for God’s protection over him and his wife and family at all times.  Thanks so much.

Love y’all,