Hey Everyone,

Thanks again, as always ,for the many faithful prayers for Destino del Reino.  There is always so much going on and I am so grateful that you do not forget about us.

I don’t know if you know from the world news but our Honduran president signed a treaty with 4 other Communist leaders from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and another country and they are really moving towards uniting against the US in the days to come.  Today the paper said that the president of Venezuela and president of this new treaty, El Alba, is meeting with Russian government leaders to buy guns and weapons to be used against the US.  It is kind of scary except that we know the Lord is still in control and is bringing things to an end as prophesy is fulfilled.  We have so much to do in the days and years that we have remaining and I ask you to pray for us in Honduras.  The people still love Americans here and at this point, it is just the president who is opposing the US for his own personal financial benefit, but it does make me wonder what the future holds for Honduras and how we can best accomplish all that we need to for the Kingdom in the
years we have left here.  Thanks for praying for us urgently that we will not waste even one day in our teaching of the children and in evangelism and discipleship here so that these children and adults will be ready to suffer whatever persecution comes and to be faithful to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ wherever He sends them.

I had a really strange dream or vision the other night.  I know that the Lord was speaking to me because I had been seeking him for weeks to just change me because I knew that something was not right in me.  I was doing the same routines and accomplishing the same tasks here in the ministry but without the same passion and urgency that I started out with.  In my dream, I was teaching a huge group of people but, actually the Holy Spirit was teaching me through what I was proclaiming to the crowd.  I told them that not one time in the Bible did Jesus present himself to people and then ask them if they would please invite Him to come into THEIR lives.  He always preached the truth to them and said, if you believe, follow ME.  He has his own perfect plans for us and he doesn’t want to be “invited into OUR lives”  — He wants to take over and we are to give up our lives, our plans, our dreams and desires, and accept HIS — Discipleship is clear-cut
and it is not much like what we see in Christianity today.  We have fallen asleep and are attaching God to whatever we have structured in our lives personally and he just doesn’t play that way.  I felt such an urgency in my teaching and felt that we have to warn people to wake up and follow HIM.  As I woke up from the dream, I knew He was talking to me and answering my prayers to change me  (although I wasn’t even sure what was wrong to be changed).  I have been complaining within myself about how hard things are and how tired I am, etc. etc., and I don’t think I have completely died to my own will and desires for my life.  If the way is narrow and few there are who find it, I want to be one of those on the narrow road and I can’t excuse myself by saying that I have given up so much and come to do a big work and that’s enough — I still am not enough of what He has called me to be.  I am so thankful that he is in the process of waking me up now
and I want to live every day and moment for HIM and not for me.  It is amazing how much energy and ambition I found in my life the next day after re-committing ALL of me to HIM, and I was able to accomplish  so much with enthusiasm, and surrendered even the little trivial things TO HIM.  I pray that all of you who read this will let the Spirit wake you up too out of any complacency in your life and compromise of any kind and you will hear his call that says, forsake ALL and FOLLOW ME!!!

Back to life right now, we need prayer still for sponsors for the school kids.  Things are tough financially right now.  We are feeding a whole lot of kids more than last year, and running two buses instead of one and employing more teachers and feeding an extra snack every day in the afternoon because the school days are longer.  Please pray for us fervently for the money we need each week but mostly that God will lay it on people’s hearts to be sponsors for all the remaining 30 kids — that will help us tremendously.

Things are going well with the church, the school and children’s home.  We are all growing under fire and that is God’s plan.  I have never in my life grown spiritually during an easy time and so I have been praying contradictory prayers — (1) please make everything right and easy here, and (2) please grow me up spiritually.  Spiritual growth comes through struggles and conflicts and so I am learning to quit complaining about what God is doing through struggles to answer my prayer to grow up spiritually.   Thanks for praying for me to mature more in Him to be more like him and to not begrudge the difficult times.

We need prayer tonight as we are having a dedication meeting for the teachers in church and so most of the 400 students and parents will come (I don’t know where they will sit) and Carlos will be presenting the gospel to them.  Pray that many will come to know Him tonight and hear words of hope and truth for their souls.  They have such hard lives here — mostly due to the great immorality and unbelief in this country — they need to hear truth and the amazing mercy of God for them.  Thanks for praying.

Continue to pray for our plans to speak in various places in Georgia in late October.  We really need God to show us this is his will in providing the money for the trip and also for directing our paths clearly so that we will KNOW that we are where He wants us to be.

God is up to amazing things and I praise Him for even thinking of using me here in this place.  The kids are doing great in school and memorizing scripture, learning English and studying hard.  The teachers are amazing and we are so  grateful for all God is accomplishing through them.

Thanks again for all your prayers.  I am amazed at the goodness and faithfulness of God — He NEVER fails — so why are we so afraid to trust Him with everything????

Love in His grace,