Hey Everyone,

Well, there is never lack of adventure at Destino del Reino.

Today Carlos and Wendy and I took Carlitos to Tegucigalpa very early in the morning to get his permission to go to the USA with us in late October. Praise God — he got his permission and he is SOOOO excited.  We are now going to be planning our trip so please send us any invitations or ideas for how God may use us.  We have a couple of Christian schools to share at and that will be a great opportunity especially for Carlitos!!

Well, on the way to the city, we got frantic calls from our workers that someone had robbed the school last night.  We were sick.  As things kept being revealed, we realized this was a crime of revenge and not for stealing.   We believe it is the carpenter whose son was in our school and he wanted to put his next little girl in kindergarten but he never paid his offering or came to meetings last year and he has more money than our other students anyway.  His son was the source of most of our discipline problems the entire past two years and we just knew we couldn’t continue with his children.  When I told him, he smiled at me kind of strangely and said, “God will do justice,” and things like that and I knew that something was going to happen.  That talk was 9 days ago and last night I believe it was him that entered the school.  Only the kinder was torn up and that was the class he wanted his little girl to be in.  Also, he took 3 laptops but we
had been provided more already so we won’t be hurting in computer class.  He took our plastic chairs and a few more things.  The reason we knew it was revenge is that he took so little and yet he stayed in the kitchen and chewed one bite out of 200 bananas that we were going to serve to the kids today and drank most of the cokes in the store only about a third of them and then took the school shoes that had not been distributed yet and threw them around out in the playground, etc. etc.  It was so obvious that it was revenge and not stealing as his motive.  Please pray for Carlos especially.  I reminded him that God is the revenger for us and that we HAVE to forgive no matter what or we will be in more problem than the school — our hearts will be cold — pray for Carlos right now.  He is angry and I don’t blame him but we need to just make things more secure for the future and go on.  Here in Honduras it is almost impossible to get police help so
we need to just drop it and praise God that not more was taken and no one was hurt, etc. etc.  Thanks for praying for us.

We still need about 30 kids to be sponsored this year so continue to pray for that.
We had a great first week and we are so thankful for how smoothly things are going and God is clearly blessing Destino school.   Tuesday was a really special day.  Brenda, a fourrth grader, has had severe migraines every day of school almost for the past 3 years and I have given her medicine, prayed for her etc. but on Tuesday I just felt a prompting to bring her back to the house and anoint her with oil and ask God to fully heal her.  I started explaining what the Bible says in James 5 about healing and then I suddenly said, “Brenda, you have accepted Jesus as your savior, right?”  And she said “no” so I asked her if she was ready to do that today and she said yes.  We had a beautiful time together and she accepted Jesus in her life and then I prayed for her for healing and GOD DID IT!!! Instantly and completely (she has been well all week and so joyful).  The sweet thing was that her sponsor for 3 years going on 4 is my friend from Dallas, Helen
and Craig Rekerdres — and they were HERE visiting when Brenda accepted Christ.  Helen was actually in the office at the same time and didn’t know who I was praying with but afterwards she had a chance to pray with her student as well and it was such a beautiful testimony that the prayers of you sponsors are really being answered!!! Helen had prayed for 3 years that Brenda would come to know Christ and she DID while Helen was visiting — wow, what a treat for all of us!!   Keep praying for all the children’s salvation and spiritual growth this year.  We are so excited to see what God is planning for all of their precious lives.

The land people came out to see the ministry and LOVED it. I didn’t understand really why they came and thought they were coming to barter with us on a price, but Carlos said they just wanted to see what we were doing here.  The two men that came loved it so much and they want to bring the head boss from Guatemala to see Destino soon.  They have our attorney’s number and their attorney is calling our attorney this week and the price will not be more than the original $100,000 but there is a chance (with prayer and God’s favor) that they may even give it to us for less — keep praying.

Please pray for me to find the right women to help in the children’s home.  There is so much to do and we have not been able to find the right women to help us.  They really have to be mature and have a heart for children, obviously, and we just keep getting people here that are in it for the money and it is very obvious that they will not be a good part of the whole ministry.  Thanks for praying.  I  especially need someone right now that can stay 5 nights a week for their job and go home during the days.  We have a new baby coming soon and I NEED HELP!!!

Thanks for all your prayers for us.  There is sooooo much going on and so many trials but so many great blessings at the same time.  Never boring here, ha.

Love you and praise God for being able to count on your faithful prayers.

In His grace,