Hey Everyone,
I need y’all’s prayers IMMEDIATELY.   The man that owns the land from our land to the highway is a crook and a horrible man.  He came to talk to Carlos because he needed a copy of the map of our property that he sold to us for the school.  I just casually asked him when he could pay us the $600 he borrowed when we did the land deal 3 years ago.  He blew up and started telling me that we really owed him money because he sold the land too cheap and now he wanted his land back, etc.  — of course, he can’t because we have the papers.  Then I told him that it was a curse against him if he didn’t pay the money because it was GOD’s MONEY and not mine.  I just said it with a calm voice not threatening.  Well, Carlos came back with the map and he continued with poor Carlos — I started the whole thing.  But then Carlos noticed the man in the car with this other man was the carpenter that broke into our school and hates us for not accepting his children
in the school.  They both started threatening Carlos about how they carry guns and Carlos said well I’m here anytime you want to come for me.  They left angry and it was obvious that Satan led the two of them together because they have never been together before and they are both full of demons and horrible immoral dangerous people.  Please pray FERVENTLY for our protection.  God is up to big things and this is just another one of Satan’s stupid attempts to scare us and even kills us but until God calls us home we are INDESTRUCTIBLE.  The man actually had the nerve to look up to heaven and point and say “let God punish me if he wants,”  — whew, that was a dangerous thing.  He said, “God hasn’t done anything to me yet,” and I said very calmly, “In His time.”   I should have been quiet but I didn’t know that it would turn into such an explosive situation.  Thanks for your prayers.
Love you all and counting on your prayers.