Hey Everyone,

I am sooooo happy to announce that we just lack 8 more sponsors for the school year.  If you have anyone still interested in that, Zac has put the pictures of the last 8 children on the front page of the web site (www.destinodelreino.org) and so people can pick their student.  Thanks for all your prayers for this GREAT need.  We will be so better covered financially for the school in the months to come with these students all sponsored.  Mostly, pray for them regularly, please.   I also wanted to say if someone would like to pray for some children by name but don’t have the financial means to support them, please write to me.  We have quite a few students that were paid for but no one is actually praying for them daily and they need that.  Thanks.

We had a great week with First Baptist of Augusta group last week.  There were 11 of them and they just all worked so hard and were so independent and found all the tools they needed, or drove to town and bought what they needed and got soooo much accomplished.  We are so grateful for all their help. Thanks to all those that donated school supplies for them to bring as well.  That really helped us out.

Our schedule is filling up for our time in Augusta October 24th to November 2nd.  Please pray that God will use us in whatever way He wants while we are in the US and also pray for things here at Destino to run smoothly. Wendy is doing a great job in the school and so I have complete peace about that aspect of Destino.  However, I have very few good helpers in the house right now and we are in the process of hiring a couple of different women so we need a lot of prayer for GOD’s choice on who needs to be working at the children’s home.  Thankfully, I have a women, Reyna, who has been here 3 years and she is really good at organizing and teaching the new people.  Thanks for your prayers.

The church was so full on Friday night that we ran out of chairs.  That is a great problem to have.  I had just that day decided to move everything forward and get rid of some things in the front that were taking up space.  Now we need to figure out how to move everything further forward and buy some more chairs or benches.  We are so thankful that God is sending people to us to disciple and teach the Word.  We desperately need more leaders and are praying that God will call leaders from among the congregation.  We want to start our Sunday School classes again and someday get back with AWANAs but until there are leaders, we just can’t do it ourselves.  Thanks for your prayers.

The kids are all doing well.  They have colds but, thanks to our doctors from West Acres, we have a pharmacy full (and clearly marked for my benefit) of all the medicines we need.  We are so blessed.   The kids are doing great and growing so much and learning to love the Lord Jesus more every day.  Eidy and Blanca and Cesar can read now and they love reading their Bibles.  We are going to start a bible study together on Saturdays while the younger children are sleeping.  I want them to learn to understand and love the Word of God like a love letter written directly to them and not just a lot of instructions and information.  Please pray for us in that.

The school is doing great and the kids are learning so much and learning to be disciplined in the classroom.  We decided not to have homework this year and the teachers know they have to work hard with the kids in the classes in order to carry this out.  Our situation is different here because if they took homework home, most of their parents cannot read anyway to help them and they live in mud houses and they would destroy their books, most likely.  We are praying they can accomplish what they need to in their long school days.  Other schools have half days and we go until 3:00 p.m. and don’t have all the holidays and free days that the public schools have so I think we can actually get more done even without homework than the public schools do here.   The teachers were telling me how this school is so special because the children are hearing the word of God everyday and it is changing their lives.

The land deal is supposed to close today or tomorrow.  We are so excited to have this done and to begin working on projects on the land.  We want to get a block maker and start that project, we want to make the lake bigger to start raising fish, we want to start building the campground to use with youth but also to rent out to churches.  We need to get more independent financially as soon as possible as things are tough in the US and we cannot forever depend on all your generous gifts.

Carlos and his family are doing well.  His son, Kenny (7), asked Carlos the other day.  Poppi, what would you think if God gave you a new car and a boat and a trip to anywhere in the world that you wanted to travel?  Carlos’ eyes lit up and he said “whew, that would be great!!”  Then Kenny said, “but better than all of those things, Poppi, is that God talks to us and we can hear his voice.”    That was so amazing.  The teachers told me the children in the school are all like that — they are so different from the children outside and they have hearts to serve the Lord.  God is CLEARLY answering all your prayers for these children to be leaders for the Kingdom of God and to change the world.  Thanks for your faithfulness in prayer.

We love you all and praise God for such a strong backing of prayer and encouragement and support.  It truly is amazing what God is doing in this place and how He uses everyone of us to accomplish HIS purposes.
Love in His grace,