Hey Everyone,
I have an urgent prayer request for my friends Paula and Mark who have a boys’ home just up in the next village.  They returned from a 3-month stay in the US and came back to find out that:
(1)  Their 13-year Honduran boy who has been living with them for the past few years had kidney failure and is very serious in the hospital in Tegucigalpa.  He is waiting for a kidney donor (and that will probably be a major miracle in itself) — He has to have dialsys 3 times a week until then in Tegucigalpa  (3 hour drive each way) and they are already so busy with a farm and 8 Honduran kids and 4 of their own.  PRAY.
(2)  An American volunteer came to stay with the boys while they were away and decided to tell everyone that Mark and Paula were not doing anything but getting rich off of donations and then told that to the child protective service here in Honduras.  They have had so many lies spoken against them in the past and they need prayer and encouragement.
(3)  A tornado hit their property — their house is intact but a huge number of huge trees were completely uprooted and are all over their property —

They are just burdened down with what appears to be TOO MUCH — they are still trusting the Lord and smiling but I just want all of my faithful prayer warriors to put them on your list as well.

Love to everyone,