Hey Everyone,
Thanks for prayingfor Honduras and please continue. I wanted to tell you that I think that my email was based on rumors which I thought were facts.  I heard the same info about the UN military coming in from what I would consider very reliable sources so I apologize for my mistake.  The news today says the UN is opening dialog with our president Micheletti and pray for a quick resolution.  They are asking that the ex-pres be taken to the US embassy and immediatly sent to the US — God bless you if you have to have this crook in your country, ha.   Anyway, pray — we just want to make it until November 29 when we will have our next election and hopefully can go on from there.  The truth is:  Behind this whole thing is Chavez — He wants Honduras because it is strategically located for freer transport in his drug operations.  I think everyone is being manipulated and they need to see who is truly behind this and take action!!   Chavez is meeting with many South American and Central American leaders and will only lead them all to destruction.  Pray.

Thanks for your patience with me.  I don’t usually repeat rumors — If I did you would be terrified for us because there are some really scary ones — but I had really believed this was the truth.  

Love in His grace,
PS  — our curfew is lifted for now and we feel so free!!!  Yeah!!