Hey Everyone,
We have been under a curfew for two days now where no one is allowed out of their homes and onto the streets — I had thought it was probably because al the police are in Teguc so that they can arrest the former president who is hiding in the Brazil embassy.  I was told by a friend from college who lives in Teguc though that what is happening is that the United Nations Army is coming in the next two days to take over Honduras and to re-instate the criminal Zelaya into office again.  I am sick at heart — these people want a democracy and with the ex-president comes dictatorship and Chavez control — please be praying because God is still in Control and loves to do the impossible — this certainly appears to be an impossible situation.  Thanks for your prayers.  We get to go out for 4 hours today so I have to get to the grocery store before everything is bought out.  Please pray for the containers that are about to be shipped — we really need the things on those containers and the second container will have a tractor which we need to start growing crops — things are getting desperat and will most likely get worse and we have to prepare.  We will continue to live for Jesus Christ and do all we can for His Kingdom for this very short “vapor” of life we have on this earth.  These are clearly the end times and we need to all be prepared to fix our eyes on Jesus the author and FINISHER of our faith —

Love in His grace,