PLEASE PRAY IMMEDIATELY!!!   Somehow the ex-president of Honduras is in the country here in Tegucigalpa and is inciting a civil war.  They started  a curfew right now for 4:00 p.m. and all the military is going out to try to defend Honduras.  Chavez and the ex-president are paying many many people to fight for them.  Chavez has millions and can really damage Honduras.  ONLY GOD can win this battle and we have the power in Christ to move that mountain.  Please pray with us for the freedom of Honduras.  It is so sad that the US is not behind Honduras and for Chavez.  In our papers just this week it told about Chavez buying many more armed weapons from Russia to plan an attack against the US — WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!  Thanks for praying for us.  We are very safe where we live actually — away from any big political parties in the bigger cities, but it affects all of us, and will affect perhaps even your own lives if Chavez continues to gain control in many countries. 

In His grace,