Hey Everyone,
I am back from the US now and had a good visit with my parents and a few friends.  My mom seems to be doing very well so keep on praying.  The pain in her bones stopped when she finished the 5 days of radiation and that is very encouraging to us.  She continues to cook and keep busy and we are praying for a miracle for her.  Thanks for praying with me on that.  Also pray for strength for my dad as well as he helps her.  It is hard to believe they are 80 and 85 and have such strength still.  It is a gift from God and they still minister to so many people.  I am blessed to have them for my parents.
Things were running well when I got back.  Carlos even did pretty good with the buying of groceries, although I hated to put that on him.  It is really a hardship sometimes being the only two drivers here for so many needs.  The school is going well and we are so thankful for the attitude of our teachers this year.  Please pray for our students though.  It seems there are some discipline problems in every class and the teachers need to be a little stricter here at the beginning of the year so these attitudes will not get worse.  Thanks for praying for the teachers for much wisdom and strength. 
We continue to need more sponsors — I think we still lack about 24% of sponsors for the school year so that makes it not only hard on his financially but also that means quite a few of the students are not being prayed for by name.  Thanks for praying with us for the Lord to supply these sponsors for our kids.
Pray for our newly started discipleship class for young men.  Nathaniel is leading this and we have only had one meeting but I know that it is a big need so please be praying that the boys will come and that we can be consistent in teaching them the Word and raising them up in a very difficult environment to serve the Lord with all their hearts.
ATTENTION ALL COFFEE LOVERS (ESPECIALLY HONDURAN COFFEE!!!!   My friend, Pastor Scott, has opened a new business for helping several ministries raise some money for their needs.  If you would like to order coffee from Copan, Honduras, go to www.cafealma.org/store   and buy some great coffee.  There is a place to order a free sample and then when you order coffee, there is a place to choose the ministry the profits will go to.  So please choose Destino del Reino.  For every bag of coffee that is bought, they will donate one dollar to Destino del Reino.  I haven’t tried it yet but  Scott says that many are coming back for more orders so I think it is really good.  Of course, I am partial and like ALL coffee from Honduras.
I have a personal prayer request:   I realized a few weeks ago that my heart had grown really cold towards the Honduran people that I work with.  The culture here is so difficult.  People lie to you continually, even Christians and older mature people, and it is such a part of their culture that they never trust anyone else because of the lying.  Also, so many of them steal no matter how much you try to do for them.  I hadn’t realized it until the Holy Spirit put his light on my heart and showed me that I meet each new person with skepticism and am guarded — expecting them to betray me.  I had the privilege of having a few American missionary women pray over me a few weeks ago and I have seen the difference.   I cannot continue to serve these precious people if I do not let the UNCONDITIONAL love of the Father flow through me.  Please pray for me in this area.   I need to guard this area because that coldness of heart can just slip in when I am not aware and I want to have the Father’s compassion and unconditional love for all who I meet.  Thanks so much for praying for me in this area.
Carlos needs prayer as well.  He has been really sick for 10 days now.  He has all the symptoms of the Swine Flu but since it has not passed to any of us, I think it might just be a case of regular flu.  He needs strength and HEALTH!!   It is so easy to get discouraged when we are sick so please pray that Carlos will regain his strength FAST!!!
We are still struggling financially and I know that many of you are as well.  Please don’t think that any offering is too small — if everyone on this update list only sent $10, we would have $10,000 — so you can see that every gift is significant.   I thank you for all you are doing for us and for praying for us each month.  The Lord is faithful and this is HIS work and I just keep reminding myself that this is not my battle or my burdent — it is HIS and He will do what HE started.  I never thought of this ministry — God has led us into this from the very first moment and that is why I know He will complete HIS PLAN!!
Pray for the missions conference in Tomball, Texas in mid-October.  Carlos and Wendy and I will be there for this weekend and are praying that God will touch many hearts not only for our ministry but for making disciples in all of the world.   Pray for Carlos who will be preaching that Sunday morning and for me as I translate for him.  Thanks for your faithful prayers.
Our Sunday School classes are growing every week — thanks for praying for us teachers in that area as well and for me as I teach Bible classes — I have so much I want to teach these children about walking in the TRUTH and only have 40 minutes a week — pray that their hearts will be open and that God will use this time to teach them how to apply the Word of God and live in Him and not in the way that the culture around them is living. 
Let me know how to pray for you as well.  I know you all have so many burdens and stresses on your lives in the US and I want to be praying for you as well.  I am blessed to have such a praying team behind us here at Destino del Reino.  God is doing incredible things in the lives of so many through this ministry and because of YOUR prayers.
In His grace,