Hey Everyone,

I have to CHOOSE to praise Him today because I can’t really see what He is up to but things are very hard. We could only pay the teachers 2/3rds of their monthly pay and we will have to have just beans and rice in school this week BUT God is still faithful and we will “trust His heart when we can’t trace His hand.” Thanks for joining us in not only praying for our financial needs but praising Him because He is always in control and ALWAYS faithful.

God is working so many things out for the future of Destino too. Carlos has been through many conflicts and struggles for several years but always God keeps confirming His call on Carlos’ life. Carlos is leaving in two weeks to go for several months for some very indepth spiritual counseling and training in the Word of God and we KNOW that God is going to do a mighty work in his life to train him up to be the pastor/leader of Destino for the next generation. Please pray very fervently for him during this time because he really is the heart of this place and the Honduran man that God has called to Destino del Reino. Right now there are at least 15 pastors in what they call “restoration” and accountability here in just our city alone. At first I was very distressed that so many pastors and leaders are in problems and battles with sin here but then I realized, the good news is that so many are seeking help. Praise God for that and please pray for all these pastors and leaders who are really seeking the Lord against all attacks against them spiritually and against all the bad examples and generational curses they are trying to overcome to walk with God in this very dark place. I believe God is doing something very big spiritually with Honduras in the future and He is convicting and changing the leaders to be able to lead a very special people to reach the rest of the world for Christ.

We see so much that God is planning to do here and are waiting on him for each new step. We still feel very firmly in our hearts that we are to have a rehab for teen boys here that are on the edge and entering into gangs — for acceptance, love, out of boredom and no work or encouragement to do anything with their lives. God will use the agriculture projects to train them and keep them busy and so please pray for each step of this dream that God has given to us. Pray for the tractor to be able to be shipped and that we will be able to put this all in order as God would want us to.

The kids are all doing well. We are finally over the chicken pox and a virus and I am so thankful. Eduard left to live with his family He is 18 and we couldn’t really do anything to change his mind but please pray that he will continue his education and training in another part of Honduras. Especially pray for him to grow spiritually. He is returning to Jocon and that is about the darkest place I have ever heard of and there is just about no light there spiritually. I am sad because I do not believe this was God’s will for him but I can only pray and ask you to pray for him as well.

Erick moved back in with us and he is doing so well. I believe that God is doing the best thing for Erick to have him under my roof and out of the influence of just Eduard every night. I moved all 6 girls into my big room and I took one of the s mall rooms and Erick took the other one and we are all very happy. I do miss having a bathroom but I was getting to be very spoiled so this is better for me. ha.

I will be going to the US on Sunday through Saturday (20th) — please pray for every person that I talk to that I will be able to encourage people each day and that God will use me there. I have a special prayer time with a fellow believer on Friday afternoon (19th) and ask you to join me in prayer that God will set this person free during our session. I will be counting on your prayers on Friday afternoon!!

Thanks so much for all your prayers. This is an amazing place to see the hand of God and the ministry he is going to do through these little lives. I am privilaged to be here and I thank you for being the prayer back-up to accomplish such a great work in the Kingdom of God.

Love to all of you in His grace,