Hey Everyone,

I will write more later and really update you on all the great things God is doing here at Destino but just wanted to shoot off a quick email to ask you to pray fervently and immediately for a big need we have financially. We have to pay the teachers this week and we do not have the money ($3,200) and we have to pay this month the teachers’ retirement back-pay that we did not know about until recently. We owe another $5,000 — and if we do not pay that, we will lose our chance to get our final papers for accreditation in the school. The craziness of the laws here says that we have to pay this back retirement and get up to date on it before we can get our accreditation, but once we have the official accreditation, we don’t have to pay the teachers’ retirement anymore — it will just be an option if we want it. So anyway, I know you are all praying for us and this is a huge immediate need and we’ll just see how God will faithfully provide once

again for these children.

Love to all of you and I promise to send out an update about more in the ministry this week.

In His grace,