Hey Prayer Partners,

We need some prayer QUICK.  We just got home from the missions conference in the US and it was a real blessing and encouragement.  But, when we came home there are major repairs needed on all three buses and we have no money to even fix one of them.  Carlos and I are searching our hearts as to what we may have done wrong as far as where we have used the past funds but God has not revealed anything to us and we don’t know what we are supposed to do.  I don’t want to run the buses without good repairs and endangering the children so please pray for us today that God will open WIDE the heavens and pour out a blessing on Destino del Reino once again.  I know that people are hurting financially everywhere and if God is leading us to do something different, we need to know what He wants us to adjust or change here.  We may have to cancel school until the money comes in, but are waiting on Him.  Thanks for lifting us up in prayer.   God is doing so many wonderful things at Destino right now as far as spiritually — we have visited in the homes and the teachers are growing spiritually, we are about to start church services once again in a few weeks and know there will be a flowing of the spirit through that new undertaking.  God is showing off His glory and so I know He is able to take care of our financial needs as well.  Just pray for us.  Also I wanted to tell you that the little boy that was so horribly burned when he fell into a huge vat of boiling oil has been HEALED.  The doctors don’t understand it and there is no explanation except the power of God.  He is home after only 2 months in critical condition.  WOW — how can I be so fearful about finances when we have a God that can do ANYTHING?? 

Thanks for your prayers and I will send out a more detailed report in a few days.  I just needed some prayers immediately for the buses.

Love to all of you,