Hey Everyone,

First of all, thanks for your faithful prayers for Destino del Reino  It is obvious that many are praying because God is doing incredible things.  One HUGe thing is that recently we were told that we should never have been paying these enormous electric bills because we are a non-profit organization, with absolutely no earnings and we are helping over 200 families in the communities around us in providing free education.  Tomorrow Carlos and the mayor of Siguatepeque are going to Tegucigalpa to talk to some government officials who have the power to write off all of our electric bills.  Please pray fervently for the favor of God to be on us and that the officials will grant our request!!!!   This would take a HUGE burden off of us each month.  They have been charging us about $1,500 a month for all o these years and it doesn’t matter how little or much electricity we used, they charged the same — it has been so stressful to come up with this money and we would be more than BLESSED if God would remove this obstacle and burden.  Thanks for praying for success tomorrow!!!

Good news — we are building the junior high one week at a time.  We got some money a month or so ago and started and our prayer is that we can keep going from week to week and not have to stop construction again.  God has provided thus far each week and we have bought all the cement blocks for the first floor of the building and the foundation is done.   We are so grateful to be able to provide junior high for these very poor children because there is only one public junior high in the whole entire city and there cannot take many of the children, and even if some of these children could get in, they would not be able to afford the uniforms, and materials required.  This is a huge blessing to provide junior high for them.  As you know, we don’t plan to stop there though — God wants to complete their education, provide careers for them and send them out as missionaries and Christian leaders  and we are claiming His promises for these children.  Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for all of these needs and the children, most of all.

We had a wonderful discipleship conference with Pastor Wade Trimmer a few weeks back and I am so thankful that many didn’t just listen to the conference but they are applying and obeying and have already started discipleships with others.  It is such a huge blessing to see this and my own discipleship with two young ladies is really helping me personally.  We make goals for ourselves and hold each other accountable and knowing they are going to ask me if I completed my goals each week has really made me more faithful in Bible study, prayer and other goals.  One goal that I had was to pray with the students individually and months have passed since I took the time to go to the school and have these individual meetings.  Last week, I put on my goals in discipleship session that I wanted to pray individually with at least 10 of the 7th graders and I DID IT!!!  Accountability is such a great thing.   I had really powerful times with each of the 7th graders and they are very transparent about their needs and are becoming incredible leaders already.   One young lady just joined our school this year and she has not given her life to Christ yet.  Please pray for Cesia to realize her need for the Savior.    Many of the children do not have enough to eat in their homes and  their parents are without jobs.  I forget their situations so easily because we see them daily in their beautiful uniforms and nice shoes that were provided by the Lord for them, and it is easy to forget how they suffer sometimes outside of the school.   Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for them faithfully.  We still need about 15 or so sponsors and our desire is that each of these little ones have someone praying for them regularly.  Please pray for us to have the sponsors we are lacking soon.

Carlos and I have been invited to speak at the Missions Conference at Day Spring Baptist in Augusta, Georgia the last week of February.  Please pray for us to be used of the Father to encourage many people.  It will be a good time for me to get to visit my parents too.  If anyone knows of someone in the Augusta, Georgia area who ccould loan us a vehicle from February 21 to 28, please let me know.   My parents only have one car right now because they had to loan their pick-up to my sister’s family who are relocating and starting new jobs.   Thanks.

The church is growing!!!  We thank you for your prayers for Pastor Carlos and our church body.   We have been growing in numbers as well as discipleship and God is really blessing us.   We have a ton of young people every week and new families coming each week.   Pray for Carlos as God is using him in a tremendous way but he often is plagued with insecurity and Satan’s attacks of unworthiness and not able to completely believe he is not only forgiven for his past but God is planning to use him in an even greater way because of his past.  Please pray for him faithfully that he will continue to let the Father use him to reach these many men especially who are struggling in the same areas as he has struggled.   Also, pray for him and Pedro (our bus driver) who will start seminary on March 1st.  They both need the discipline to get to class every week (two nights) and to do all the required studying in spite of their MANY responsibilities at Destino.  This will be a big stress but I can’t wait to see how they will really grow from this opportunity to study the Word of God .

We are so excited about something else.  It looks like God is sending us another couple to work with us at Destino del Reino.  Please pray for further confirmation for all of us, but at this point we have great peace that this is the plan of God for Destino.  The couple are already living in this area with a one-year assignment and support from their home church in Texas.  They believe God is caling them to work with us and they will need for the Lord to provide additional financial support for them at Destino – -but as we well know, that is not a big deal for our Father.   He is going to begin our agriculture program, starting our first crop in May and also beginning to work with growing coffee here at Destino.  He also has knowledge of fish farms, organic farming, etc. etc.  — His wife is a teacher and we are praying as to how much she will be helping in our school, as she is also homeschooling her children.   We told them that we can see that God is finally sending some “feet” for some of Carlos and my dreams for Destino.   Please pray for all of us to walk right in step with the Spirit’s leading and not run ahead of him or miss His plans for Destino in any way.  

We had a great visit with my friends, the Cutaias, last week.   It is so much more fun now for visitors to come and find that the children can speak to them in English.   They never speak to me in English so I have to eavesdrop on them to hear how well they are doing, ha.   They are all doing so well in school and becoming strong young leaders for the Kingdom already.  Thanks for your faithful prayers for them through the years — God is bringing in a harvest and we are so thankful for their lives.

There are two babies in Yoro that need to be sent to Destino and the judge there is trying to locate the mothers and convince them to let us take care of them and educate them at Destino del Reino.  As always, we are praying that God will send to us ONLY those whom He knows will be leaders for the Kingdom so pray for them to come, or for God to block the way if they are not those he has chosen for Destino.   The kids are ready to have a little baby in the house again.  They love babies as much as I do.  Our youngest is now 2 1/2 and she is pretty independent, ha. 

if anyone would like to see Carlos and I from Feb. 21 to 28 while we are in Augusta, please call as at my parents’ house at 706-731-5216.   On Monday night, the 27th, we will be there the whole evening and anyone can drop by and get an update on how things are going at Destino.  Thanks for your encouragement and love and prayers.  We are so blessed to have SOOOO many people as part of the Destino prayer team.  God is moving and growing great “trees planted by the water” here who will produce fruit in all the world in the future.  Thanks for being a part of that.

Love in His grace,