Dear Prayer Partners,

I forgot a few of our prayer needs and would appreciate your praying for these additional things.

Praise God, today the mayor sent out a road construction team to start repairing our horrible road for FREE — please pray that their machines will hold up and also that God will provide the additional $10,000 we need to buy the rock material to preserve the road so that this will not all be in vain once the rains come.   We are so grateful for the mayor’s help and interest in Destino del Reino.  He came out a few weeks ago and was so impressed with all that God is doing here and he wants to help in every way.

The mayor also told Carlos that he will go with him next week to Tegucigalpa and talk to the government people about giving us electricity FREE — this is a huge prayer request — several people with ministries in the community told Carlos that we should NEVER have been paying electricity since we make no money whatsoever and are serving almost 300 children with education and many with housing.  Please pray that they will be able to accomplish this.  In the meantime, we are not paying the bills and it makes me nervous but Carlos doesn’t want us to pay until we know if we have to pay, because we are certain they would never give us a refund.  It makes me nervous to wait but I know with prayers of faith, God will do this for Destino.  Thanks for joining us in prayer.

The third big need is a van.  I can’t take my children anywhere anymore and we found a good used van for $14,000 this past week.   It only has 70,000 miles on it (unusual here) and we REALLY need one immediately.  We also would use the van for small groups that come and it saves a lot of money for the airport trips as well as around the city for our groups.  So this is VERY necessary and we need it now!  Our first group comes in 5 weeks and we are asking you to pray that God will provide this money in time for that group.  God can do it — NOTHING is impossible for Him so please help us pray for this need.  Thanks so much.

Most importantly to me right now is Blanca.  She is my 13-year old and she has been going through a lot of emotional conflict lately.  I prayed with her this week and she has such fear in her life.  I explained to her that Satan is the author of our fears and his purpose is not to just make her afraid to speak up in class, or participate with other groups, or afraid to ask questions,etc.  but Satan’s ultimate goal is to keep her quiet and timid so that she will never proclaim the gospel.  Blanca has felt for several years that God is calling her to be a missionary in Brazil one day and I can just see Satan’s strategy to keep her quiet and timid and never to be able to accomplish God’s purposes for her life.  I prayed over her that God will kick out the lies and activity of Satan in her mind and that she will be set free — please pray with me for Blanca to be set free from this spirit of fear.  As we know, God’s promise says that “God did not give us a spirit of fear (so you know who does) but he gave us a spirit of power and love and a sound mind.”  Please pray this promise over Blanca with me. 

Thank you for being there and being involved in this ministry with your prayers and encouragement — I KNOW God will answer with such a team of prayer partners with me.  Thanks so much.

Love in His grace,