Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your patience with me — I haven’t written in 6 weeks and apologize for not keeping you better informed about what all is going on at Destino del Reino.  It has been a VERY encouraging week and I couldn’t wait another day to share with you about what God is doing here.  Pastor Wade and Anne Trimmer came to Destino this week to minister to our people and to teach a seminar on disciple-making.   I was so personally convicted that, although I have been doing a lot of “good things”, I have not been actively building disciples and that is the command that God has given to each of us as believers.   Everyone in the conference was so grateful for such clear and profound teaching and have asked when we can have Pastor Wade back for  more teaching.  They were all so hungry for real teaching and they are applying what they learned!!!  Pastor Wade only left yesterday and this morning, one of the pastors who attended with 9 of his church members, called and told Carlos that all of those that attended with him have already found the people that God wants them to disciple and they are OBEYING the truth that was given to them.   I have prayed about who I am to disciple and I will begin next week disciple Carlos’ wife, Wendy (our school director) on Thursday evenings for an hour, and on Monday evenings for one hour I will meet with Sammy and Emily’s mom, Kelin.  Please be praying for me to be faithful and disciplined to not fail to meet with them.  They, in turn, will meet with one of our teenage girls here in this area and teach them the things they learn from me.   Pastor Wade had a wonderful message for us on Friday night at the church at Destino.  On Saturday night, he taught about 60 of our school fathers on temptation and there was much fruit.  Carlos received a call from one of our fathers that very night who was under great conviction about his problems with sin in his life.  I know we have not yet seen near the fruit that has come from these teachings.  On Sunday night, he was able to preach at a church in Siguatepeque and then on Monday night, another church sent about 40 of their mento Destino  to be taught about spiritual warfare.   Thank you for all your prayers for this week and please continue to pray that we will all follow through and be obedient to the things that we have learned and there will be continuing fruit here at Destino.   Pastor Wade told me he is willing to come when we want him and I am so thankful for that because there is such a need for teaching here and the people are ready for MORE!!!  

We had a great Christmas break and I had lots of quality time with the kids.  They are all so precious and growing up spiritually as well as physically.   Please continue to pray for our health as there is  a virus going around in the school and in my house as well, and we also have bad colds right now.  

Our elderly couplewho were living here at Destino have  moved to an assisted living place down the road.   I heard today that Amelia is not so content there, but it is the best place for her husband, Efrain, as he needs continual medical care.  We are praying that Amelia will adjust and be happy there with lots of other people to talk to, food prepared for her, and lots of attention. 

It is time to be praying about our next school year as far as American teachers.  I believe we have 6 for sure coming next year and a couple of others still praying.  We would love to have at least 8 and especially we would like you to pray that we will get another man to come.  Hayden is coming and we would love to be able to get a house for the two young men together.   Thanks for your prayers for God to send who HE wants and we wil wait on HIS choices.

Next Friday we are interviewing 11 kids to take or 6 empty places in our upcoming junior high class.  Please pray for us to have wisdom as to who God would want us to include in our 7th grade class next year.  We do not have room for more than 30 and we have 24 of ourown  children here graduating from 6th grade and entering 7th, so we need God’s choices for these six vacant spots.   We are interviewing now because in mid February, the public school system starts school and the 6 that we pick will not enter classes in another place if we accept them at Destino.

Pray for us to find a new night watchman.  We need a good man that STAYS AWAKE at night.  Last night there was evidence that some people were inside our gates in the night (lots of cigarette butts on the ground, etc.) and our watchman never knew about it.  Carlos scolded him and he got mad and quit so now we need someone soon!!!  Thanks for your prayers.

Be praying for our March group — Lost Orphans International is sending their first group to us and they will work on preparing and repairing our playgrounds.   We need a lot more playground equipment for our 250 kids and also to prepare a playground for the kindergarten classes next year who will be moving to our church building for their school.   We have a group possibly coming in April too who will teach our women and then a group in mid-May as well.   we praise God that so many people are willing to come and help us accomplish so much for His Kingdom work here.   Pray for us to be able to discern what God has for each group.

Carlos and I will be traveling to the US in about 3 weeks to speak at the missions conference at Day Spring in Augusta.  Pray for us to be used of the Lord to encourage many people.  I am so thankful too to be able to visit my parents.  Please pray for my mom as she has a lot of weakness and is adjusting to using oxygen regularly.  She has a drain to keep down the liquids in her body without having to go to the hospital so often.  Pray for my daddy too as he is cooking and helping my mom with all that needs to be done in the house.  I praise God for my parents and their courage and attitude of faith and assurance in the Father.  It is hard to be away and not be able to help them but it is clear that GOD  is their helper and is sustaining them.   They both really enjoy phone calls and seeing people so please, if you are in the Augusta area, don’t hesitate to go by and encourage them.

We started working on the junior high building again this week.  It has sat dormant for months now but we got  a $3,000 donation and are starting out with that and praying that more will come in each week as we need it so we can continue on until completion.  God is faithful and will do this HIS way.  Our fathers in the school are donating their time so there are no labor costs and that is a huge blessing.  Thanks for praying for this great need.

God is teaching me so much and I praise Him for His faithfulness to me and keeping me through so much difficulty and trials continually here — He is doing a marvelous work and I am grateful to go along for the “ride” — it is amazing to see what His plans are for the children here and I see so much growth in all of them and praise Him for the future He is planning for each one of them.  

I thank all of you (many who I have never met face to face) who are praying faithfully for us and giving and sponsoring children at Destino, etc. etc.  Only heaven will reveal how many thousands and thousands of people are a part of the Destino team.  I am so grateful andI  thank you for your faithfulness to God and His children in Honduras.

In His grace,