Dear Praying Friends,

We have some very important prayer requests and would appreciate your lifting these up to the Father with us.

(1)   Carlos went to pay the light bill today and found out they want a little over $5,000 for a “deposit” for this year.  They already rob us every month with a ridiculous bill (about $1,600) and no one pays that kind of money to the electric company here — and this is a new way to steal money from the ministry.   Carlos is on his way to the capital right now and we need him to find the right person to talk to in the government.   The government could pay for our electricity if we find the right favor because we provide free education for the poor here.   We do not know whether to just start living without electricity again or not.  The biggest problems would be the alarm system in the school wouldn’t work, there would be no computer classes and it would be no hot water for baths, etc. but we could do it.  Even if God provided the $5,000 today, it is just not right to let them steal this money from God’s work — please pray for wisdom for us in this matter. 

(2)   I brought to our house for Jesus’ birthday celebration three more of the siblings of Franklin.  One little sister (age 2) lived with us for a few months last year (Estella) and she really needs to come to live with us permanently.  I believe she has the “failure to thrive syndrome” and I am very concerned about her.  There is no emotion in her face and she is bloated and you can hardly pick her up because she weighs so much.  Please pray that when I go to get the other siblings to return home on Sunday that the parents will be ready to let Estella live with me permanently.   This is going to take a miracle but God can do it and I ask you to pray for this with us.

(3)  Pastor Wade Trimmer and his wife, Anne, are coming to do a two-day conference on discipleship for pastors and leaders and also our school teachers on January 20-25 — the conference will be that Monday and Tuesday and he will also be preaching at Destino on Friday night, speaking to our school fathers at a dinner on Saturday night, and preaching at a church in town on Sunday night — please pray for the people that God chooses to come to the conference and that many lives will be changed for eternity through Pastor Wade’s teaching.

(4)  Kim Crabill (founder of Roses and Rainbows ministry for women) is going to do a women’s conference for our school moms and women teachers during the first week of April.   I am so excited for what God will do through her.  We have so many families that we are ministering to in our school but Carlos and I cannot do the teaching that is needed here with our busy adminsitrative duties.  Kim is also trying to locate someone to teach a seminar to our junior highers on purity and abstinence and that can be held the same week — we want to get some purity promise rings and have a ceremony and really have commitments from these young people to stay pure in the midst of this perverted society they live in here in Honduras.   We ask you to pray for God to lead the right people to come and teach during that first week of April, that many of  the 200 moms in our school will make the commitment to attend, and that God will work mightily in the lives of these teens and women during the week.

(5)  As always, continue to pray that God will provide for the junior high building, gym, etc. that we need to keep growing the school and junior high at Destino del Reino.  

Thanks so much for supporting us in prayer.   God is doing mighty things and I am seeing plans for even bigger spiritual growth here and I am so excited.  We once dreamed of having a conference center at Destino and it just may be from the Lord because he is putting i on hearts of pastors and teachers to come and build up true leadership here in Honduras — thanks for your prayers for us in all of these matters.   He is faithful and will work all things out for HIS glory.

Love to all of you and Happy New Year — may God demonstrate even more of His faithfulness to each of you this year as we seek to fall in love with Him and serve him diligently.