Thank you to everyone who has prayed, given, encouraged, come and helped, etc. etc. etc. this year.   We have one more year behind us and many many children have been fed physically and spiritually, as well as over 20o families have been given HOPE through Destino del Reino.   I am so amazed at all God continues to do here at Destino in spite of my very weak faith at times.  I am always struggling about the fear of enough monies coming in to meet our more than $14,000 a month budget (this is without any emergency car or bus repairs, doctor visits, etc.) and yet he has once again gotten us through the year and we have not missed a meal or gone without any need and we have payed the teachers and workers every single month!!  He is the faithful Provider and  my favorite verse is “He is faithful when we are without faith.” — that is so amazing to have a Father that does not punish me for my frail faith and continues to be good in spite of the  fact that we do not deserve anything but hell.  His grace is amazing and I am in awe at His goodness.

I praise God for all the fathers who have come to Christ in the past month (at least 23) and I believe this is fruit from having their children in our school and hearing of salvation in Christ and the Hope that is from Him.   The seeds started with the children and the mothers through the past years have been coming to know Christ personally and just recently we are seeing many of the fathers follow in the faith as well.  I look forward to 2012 and all that God will do in their lives.  

I praise God for a wonderful staff of teachers this year — I see the love of Christ in them more than ever before and they are true examples of the Christian walk in front of these children daily.  I praise God for the sacrifices the American teachers make to be here and to raise up strong spiritual leaders in this corrupt country.   It is amazing how God has faithfully called each one of them to this work.  Please pray for the new teachers we need next year to come to teach.   Several are sure of God’s calling on their lives to Destino and so please pray for their funds to come in to confirm to them that this is God’s plan for them.

Thanks to each of you who gave this year so generously.   I am amazed at how much was given to keep us going this year.  Every year, in spite of barely making it the year before, God has confirmed that we are to continue on and add a new class and further extend the education to a higher grade level.  It is increasing and stretching me more than I am comfortable being stretched in my faith at times, but we are continuing on in obedience and He is faithful who called us, who also will DO IT!!!  Thanks for praying for me to REST in His plan and HIS ability to finish the work to which He has called me.

I praise God for the health of our 250 students and the children in the orphanage.  It is amazing that we have had no major illnesses or accidents — the angels certainly do hover over the playground here — that is obvious!!  

I praise God for the work of grace and redemption that he has shown in the life of our pastor, Carlos.  For the way God is using Carlos in ways he never was used before and how He continues to call Him to Himself to communicate with him, speak truth and guard him and encourage him in his calling.   Thanks to all of you who have prayed faithfully for him.  Satan seems to have a target on his back but it is no wonder since so many many people are following him.   God is the victor and we are more than conquerors IN HIM.

I praise God for the wonderful container that was sent to us this year and the news that they plan to do it again next August.  All we needed was provided and we feel like kings and queens here with such beautiful furniture and even curtains, etc.  God seems to not mind my picky-ness about matching colors either, because he miraculously sent all the right colors for our rooms and furnishings.  It is fun to see the  little extras that he does for us, just because he loves us.  

Most of all, I praise God for His incredible selfless gift of His own precious Son to come to this horrible, shockingly rebellious world and to love us and redeem us and buy us back from our own chosen destiny of death — We are chosen and loved and forgiven and accepted and crowned with rightecousness and glory because HE CAME and rescued us.  There is nothing better in the world than that.  What more can he do that he has not done for us.  “He who did not spare His own son, but delivered him up for us all, how will he not,  also with Him, freely give us ALL THINGS!.”  Rom. 8:32   —

I praise God for all of you and thank you for hanging in there with us through hard and blessed times and letting me know that you are out there somewhere praying for us even when we feel alone in this place at times.  

I pray you have a wonderful year ahead — not necessarily easy or happy or fun-filled all the time but a year that increases your faith and focus on the only One who gives you life.  Life is a vapor and this may be our last year so let’s live it abundantly in His face and on our knees and not waste our time with offenses from others, discouragement from Satan (who will soon see his end) and let’s keep on walking in truth and with courage — it is almost over.

Love in His grace,