Hey Everyone,

Some have said they did not see the container list that I sent out a few months ago.  The container needs to be filled by the 30th of July so we can receive it before school starts.  If anyone lives in the Augusta, Georgia area, then please ask your churches to help us collect these materials.  One friend from college even had his church collect and he drove up with a truck al lthe way from southern Florida so I guess it could be collected by people outside of the Augusta area.  We are so grateful for anything you can do.   If you are far away, please pray that God will fill the container with all the things HE knows that we need.  Sometimes we get something we never asked for and within a few weeks we realize exactly why God prompted someone to put it on the container.   So anyway, here is the list:

Commercial size ice maker

Vaccuum cleaner

Diagnostic computer for car and bus

Dental instruments   (Scott Wingard — please notify John Turner if you have been able to get those things we need)

High chair

Baby swing, baby walker, baby clothes (girl – age 9 -12 months)

Dressers (we need probably 7 or 8 of these)


Food service hot-tray for cafeteria

Plastic plates, forks and spoons, plastic cups for cafeteria

Large (very large) pots for cooking in the cafeteria, as well as utensils, knives, etc.

Chalk marker for the football field

Sports equipment for school

Mini fireplace for the house (or some kind of heater for the few months of winter we have — no central air and heating here)

Ceiling fans for the junior high (8)

Refrigerators (3)

Stoves (2)

Ping pong table

computers (we need 25 for the new junior high classes and computer lab)

Tools of every kind for the shop

Beds — two singles, two double beds

small dining set (2)

couches, pictures, lamps, end tables,

kitchen plates, and silverware for teacher’s apartment

pots and pans for houses


sheets – single, double and queen and one set of king

Peanut butter (only creamy please)

School supplies — LOTS of crayons, pencils, composition notebooks, 600 folders with brads, erasers, colored pencils, notebook paper, scissors — for big kids and for kindergarten,  glue, construction paper, art materials, old magazines for cutting out pictures

Childrens’ clothing (all sizes and boys and girls — up to age 18)

Tennis shoes for boys and girls

Pajamas for children

Diapers – Medium and large

Cold medicines for adults and children

Antibiotics for children and adults

Curtains  — each classroom has 4 large windows that each need just the curtain at the top  (with some green in the fabric)

Drums, bongos etc. for the church

Sound system and microphones

Plumbing putty and teflon tape

Sink tail pieces

Door knobs (without keys)

toilet fixings


Deep freeze


Books for school library (children’s easy readers)

Reader sets (30) — various ages up to 3rd grade level

A seeder for the gardent that you walk behind

bush hog

boxblade for tractor

fertilizer spreader

shovels, rakes

Dictionaries (60) — English to Spanish

60 New Testaments in English for English classes

Bicycles — all ages

Large playground for smaller children for the kindergarten classes

Toys for kids


That is all I can think of today or had written down.  Thanks for looking in your garages, asking your church, etc. and praying for us — God will meet every need — He always does.

Love to all of you and I will send an update this week — it has been crazy and a very trying time but God is cleaning out the school in a lot of ways and we are praying for the most incredible year ever (especially spiritually) for our school.  I’ll write more later.  Thanks for your faithful prayers.